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27 Insane Inventions from the past


There have been some really funny and weird inventions over the centuries. I was browsing the internet and I found this photo featuring 27 Insane Inventions from the past. They range from the completely impractical to the completely ridiculous. I’m curious about the reasons why most of them were developed, but 3 of them stand out.

The Hangover Mask: This is quite a crazy invention. First of all, is this a mask that cures a hangover or is it just a mask that hangs over one’s face? I must say that I hope that this mask was invented for the first purpose. Imagine curing your hangover with a mask – no pain pills, no 2 liter Creme Soda, no KGBs, no feeling sorry for yourself – that would be pretty neat (even though it seems a little impractical). And when you’re not wearing the mask it could be the perfect for Halloween parties.

Cigarette Holder For Two: This invention is damn right ludicrous. What the hell was this person smoking when they thought of this?  (No pun intended). I can’t think of any couples or friends who’d find this useful. On the other hand this would come in quite handy after you’ve had sex – imagine sharing the same cigarette with your partner in true Lady and the Tramp pasta sharing style. Totally impractical in real life and work situations though.

Face Cover to Protect from rain, snow, etc: If this invention was still around in this day and age, it would make you look like a retard or a mutated person suitable for a Coneheads movie sequel. I guess that back then people did not have umbrellas or balaclavas (or if they were available they were not considered to be appropriate in snowy or rainy weather). Completely impractical if you ask me.

Check out the full list of 27 Insane Inventions from the past below


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