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2nd Trailer released for Game of Thrones Season 7


In case you forgot, Game of Thrones Season 7 starts in less than a month. Excitement is running high for what probably will be the television event of the year. Geeks, Nerds, Bookworms, Fantasy fans, housewives and pretty much everyone else is getting really excited about the next season (which premieres on HBO on the 16th of July). Great news is that HBO has released a second trailer to add to the hype.

Hold on to your horses folks! It was recently revealed that the new Game of Thrones season will feature both the longest and shortest episodes of the show to date. Two season seven episodes are said to exceed 60 minutes in addition to a planned 90 minute finale. A shorter, 50 minute episode will also air. There will only be 8 episodes in the season though.

The new trailer is basically a compilation of the show’s remaining characters as they prepare for the great war ahead, it features what you’d expect: violence, dragons, and A+ costume design. The trailer puts a large spotlight on Sansa (who appears to be taking an even more prominent role this coming season). There’s also a lot of scenes of war, dragons and everything else that has made this series very popular. Check out the new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer below:

To coincide with new trailer’s release, HBO has also released 12 new fan posters for Game of Thrones. Users were urged to “unlock” this by using Twitter’s Emoji Engine. Users had to tweet different combinations of #WinterisHere and an emoji to @GameofThrones to unlock them. Here are three of the posters:

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to this new season! Let’s hope that it won’t disappoint.

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