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3 Entertaining Games Classic Rock Fans Will Love


Are you a fan of Classic Rock? Looking for Entertaining Games you can play? You’ve come to right place…

If you’re a rock fan, you may feel a little hard done by. Critics argue that the rock music genre isn’t in such a great position now.

Sites like SpinDitty have written about rock music’s decline, explaining that changing demographics, the increasing popularity of pop music, and the power of pop radio has seen it fall from its golden age.

However, that doesn’t mean that fans of pop rock and classic rock aren’t being catered to. The video game industry is one place where it still feels like rock is going through that golden era, with it helping to keep rock popular by showing new generations of gaming audiences what real rock is like. 

Rocking Out
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The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles is one of the most famous rock bands in the world,. They have sold more than 800 million albums. They have been part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1988. It would be difficult to put all of that history and all of those chart-topping songs into one game, but Harmonix somehow managed it with The Beatles: Rock Band.

The game allows you to play along to The Beatles songs using guitar, drum and microphone controllers while also getting to learn about their highs, lows, and history. It also takes fans through some of The Beatles‘ most famous live performances.

The Final Countdown

In 1986, Swedish rock band Europe released the chart-topping anthem “The Final Countdown”. Once the pumping synths start going, that’s all that people needed to hear to rush to the dancefloor or start belting the lyrics in time with the music. The song reached number one in 25 countries when it was released. 20 years after it made its debut, slot games like The Final Countdown have kept it popular.

The Final Countdown is one of the slots offered by the online casino Winningroom. The slot game is decorated just like a real rocket launch and has a launch pad as well as astronaut symbols that decorate the reels. The game is the second rock-themed slot from developer Big Time Gaming, with the Danger High Voltage game also being good fun for rock fans.

Twisted Metal

The Twisted Metal car combat series first began in 1995 and became a cult classic. Players would crash, bash, and turbo boost their way around levels, allowing them to take out opponents. The gameplay is entertaining but it’s the soundtrack that really makes it a hit with rock fans. The Twisted Metal game, released in 2012, had songs by Primus guitarist Larry Lalonde.

There doesn’t seem to be any plan for a new Twisted Metal game, but IGN says that a Twisted Metal TV show is now in development. No much detail is available about the show at the moment, but rock fans will hope that it brings those great rock tracks.

There are so many entertaining games with a music like Thumper and Beat Saber. However, these three game choices are the best picks for rock lovers.

Which one of these entertaining games will you play? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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