3 Fairly Unknown Models


It’s about time that readers of Running Wolf’s Rant drool on their keyboards again. Today I’m featuring 3 Fairly Unknown models and I’m pretty sure that these ladies will have you drooling on your keyboard in no time.

Our first girl on this list of fairly unknown models is Xenia Deli from Moldova. She has posed for Frederick’s of Hollywood, Bare Necessities and Beach Bunny. She was also recently featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in South Africa and the cover of FHM in Spain. She was born in 1989, which means she still has plenty of years of modeling ahead of her. You can follow her on Twitter via @XeniaDeli. Check out three photos of her below

Xenia-Deli-01 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Xenia-Deli-02 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Xenia-Deli-03 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Our second fairly unknown model is from Australia. Dani West is a breakout star in the making. She’s done one hot bikini shoot after another. She’s from Brisbane and she’s a natural blond. She’s got natural talent too, which means we may just see much more of her in the coming years. According to Model Mahem she’s a  fun  loving  and  easy  going  person. She loves being out  in  the  sun  and  keeping  active. She’s  regularly  at  the  gym  keeping  fit. She also love  meeting  new  people  and trying  new  things. She  keeps  an  open  mind  at  all  times. Sadly she doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account… Check out these 3 stunning images of Dani West below

Dani-West-01 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Dani-West-02 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Dani-West-03 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Our third lady on the list of fairly unknown models today is Courtney Shoemaker from Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA. She is looking to make it big as an actress and model. She really has what it takes to make it in the modeling business – she definitely has the looks for it. She has also helped with directing fashion shows and photo shoots. This blonde bombshell has a Twitter account, you can follow her via @CourtShoemaker. Not much more is written about this stunning model online, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see (or hear) more of her in the future. Check out 3 photos of Courtney Shoemaker below.

Courtney-Shoemaker-01 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Courtney-Shoemaker-02 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Courtney-Shoemaker-03 3 Fairly Unknown Models

Which one of these fairly unknown models is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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