3 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg

RAMFest 2013RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg kicks off today at Riversands Farm in Fourways and I’m pretty amped up about it. I’m so excited that I may even use the word “Totes” in a sentence today. I’m pretty sure that many of you reading this are feeling the same way.

Today’s article is just basically a list of 3 reasons why I’m looking forward to RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg. I hope that this gets you amped up for one of South Africa’s premier music festivals too.

REASON 1: The Line-Up: I’m really looking forward to seeing Rise Against this weekend. My brother (who is a bigger fan than me) is very jealous that I will be seeing them. They are renowned for their extra special live performances around the globe.

Besides the internationals, local acts that I don’t plan to miss this weekend include Man As Machine (a no-nonsense rock ‘n roll band from Johannesburg), the Black Cat Bones, the Smoking Mojos, Van Coke Kartel (who are doing some colabs with some awesome musicians), Jack Parow, BEAST, Double Adapter, Planet Joy, The Action Thrillers, Asleep in Transit, Short Straw, Jet Black Camaro and Tailor.

REASON 2 – The Vibe: The vibe at RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg promises to be damn awesome. Last year more than 15,000 people attended this festival and I’m thinking that about the same amount of people will be there this time around. 6,000 camping tickets have already been sold for the event.

I’m pretty sure that there will be some shots floating around, people rocking out to the max (and providing excellent photo opportunities) and one or two mosh pits. And let’s not forget about the world class sound and lighting that will be make RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg an awesome festival.

If you’re on Twitter, you can meet up with @BaasDeBeer and I at the #RAMTweetup at 1 PM at the main stage bar at the festival on Saturday. It will be great to meet some of you that regularly read this blog too, so come say “Hi” (preferably with a shot or two).

REASON 3 – The Ladies: Let’s face it folks, there will be an abundance of good looking ladies at RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg. Sometimes one can forget that there are some really pretty female rockers out there. I’m almost 100% sure that this festival will remind all the guys (and some girls) out there of that fact. Brace yourself for some beautiful smiles and some rocking dancing moves by the ladies at this years festival. And remember: Treat them with respect. Like a certain friend of mine always tells me before that other mayor rock festival in SA: “Don’t Be A Doos”.

And now a few words of encouragement before I make my way to RAMFest 2013 Johannesburg:

Keep Calm RAMFest

You are probably all amped up for RAMFEst 2013 Johannesburg now. Enjoy it to the max and don’t drink and drive. See You There! Be safe my fellow music junkies!

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