3 Reasons why I’m looking forward to STRAB 2015


The end of May 2015 is approaching a furious pace and if you’re an avid lover of SA Music and music festivals you might be very excited about one thing: STRAB festival in Mozambique. Limited tickets were available for this festival (which is in it’s 11th year now) and they sold out faster than anyone could spell “rock ‘n roll”.

I am one of the lucky people who will be attending this festival (which has become one of the must-attend events on the SA and Mozambican music calendars) and today I’m giving you with 3 reasons why I am looking forward to this year’s festival:

1. The Road Trip: STRAB is held at Ponta Malongane in Mozambique (+/- 15 km from the Kosi Bay border post) and to get there can be quite a mission. It’s a 7 to 8 hour drive from Gauteng (depending on the amount of cows and goats you have to the dodge and the amount of stop-and-go’s you have to wait at on your way there), but the road to STRAB takes you through some of the most beautiful parts of our country.

STRAB 2013

If you’re lucky you’ll get to see the extra long coal train running between Ermelo and Piet Retief. There are all kinds of interesting signs on your way there, like the IFP Election posters in Jozini and the Accommodation sign next to the cemetery in Piet Retief. You’ll also have the experience of driving over and stopping on the Jozini dam wall on your way to Kosi Bay. If you’ve never travelled through the Northern parts of KZN, this will blow your mind.

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STRAB 2013 02

2. The line-up: STRAB 2015 has one of the best festival line-ups that I’ve seen in years. If you’re a fan of SA Music, reading through the list of artists will excite you:

The Barbosa Experience, Napalma (Mozambique), Classic Rock Project, Gerald Clark, Guy Collins, Jonathan Martin, The Lyzyrd Kings, Hoot ‘n Anny, Peter Mitchell, Vana, Klopjag, Akkedis, Ann Jangle, Greg Georgiades with Ultra Natives & The Organics, Monkeys in Boots, Bark, Bitches Brew, Chiba, Kabaal Klankbaan, Tuin, Stakesby, Josie Field, Laurie Levine, Shotgun Tori, Azurdee & The Blue River Band, Crystal Park, Justin Serrao, Naming James, 7th Son, The Black Cat Bones, State Society, The Castellos, Sea of Green, Marcia Moon, Jaco Mans, Wave Rider, Luna Paige, Crimson House, Jack Hammer, Blues Broers & Albert Frost.

STRAB 2015

There’s no doubt in my mind that this year’s line-up includes some of the best acts that SA Music has to offer and I’m really looking forward to those deck tunes and night time band watching sessions with my toes in the sand.

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3. The vibe: I love the fast-paced lifestyle in Gauteng, but sometimes you just have to chill the fuck out and that’s exactly what I intend to do at STRAB.

STRAB 2014

Yes, I’ll be consuming plenty of Mozambican beer and R&R’s and dancing my nearly-40-year-old-behind off on the deck (especially while Baas De Beer, Crazy Jay and DJ Dirtroad are jamming tunes) at night, but I also intend to take a long and fresh walk on the beach every day and take in some fresh air (while some folks might be open water diving in the ocean). I’m also going to take a ton of photos to document this amazing experience. The possibilities are really endless…

STRAB 2014 02

STRAB 2014 03

This will be my 5th STRAB Festival and I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re lucky enough to be there this year, meet me at the deck bar, give me a high-five and let’s chat have a chat over a few R&R’s. I don’t know what we’ll be talking about, but it will definitely be legendary.

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