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3 Signs to indicate that you’re using a Quality Mattress


You need at least eight to nine hours of sleep every night to stay healthy. It will keep you happy, refreshed, and energized when you wake up first thing in the morning. Then, many people are deprived of sleep and feel stressed the next day. That is why you need a good mattress to help you sleep better, thus improving your physical and psychological health.

According to an article published on Huffington Post, a mattress that makes you feel uncomfortable and keeps you awake all night results in back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain. Then how do know whether a mattress is good or bad?

Sleep on Quality Mattress
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Here are three signs to indicate that you are using a quality mattress:

1. Improves sleep and blood circulation

If you feel comfortable after lying down on a mattress and have a good night’s sleep, it shows that you are using a quality bedding material. That is because comfort is not about 15-20 minutes of sleep but sleeping soundly for at least eight hours and waking up rejuvenated and energized in the morning.

Did you know that healthy blood circulation induces sleep? Therefore, look for a mattress that improves blood circulation through pressure relief and right body support. You can choose a memory foam mattress that improves blood circulation and sleep.

Poor circulation will lead to insomnia. When you toss and turn, your sleep cycle is reset every time you change your sleeping position. It will leave you fatigued and dazed in the morning. Besides, a poor mattress results in disrupted circadian rhythms, aggravating mental health issues and anxiety.

2. A good mattress is not made of toxic materials

If you find PBDEs printed on the mattress label, avoid using the material. These are flame retardant elements, harmful for your health. A quality mattress will have a wool layering or a non-toxic material such as Kevlar. When shopping for a mattress, inquire about organic materials and not artificial fibers that are poisonous most of the times.

Opt for a natural mattress recommended by doctors. If you have a medical professional’s recommendation, you can buy a custom mattress free of toxic substances. A non-toxic mattress will ensure eight hours of sleep every night, thus making you feel relaxed and rested.

3. Provides body support

Organic and natural latex mattresses will not trigger the pressure points in your body. On the contrary, these materials will give your body support for a sound sleep at night. Choose memory foam mattresses for the right body support. Avoid buying a mattress that is prone to attracting dust mites and allergens. Therefore, if you have a cough, cold, or sneeze and breathing issues, these signs indicate that you are not using a quality mattress.

A first-rate mattress will induce sleep, provide skeletal support, and reduce the pressure points in your body. Opt for a mattress that has all of these features.


Now that you know what makes a quality mattress, ask for these specifications when shopping for the same. Make an informed decision and enjoy a healthy, sound sleep at night.

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