30 Funny #FakeBreakingNews Tweets

Today is then 2nd last day of 2011. It’s been one hell of year. This year has seen its fair share of headlines. Osama Bin Laden was officially killed, Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup for the first time in 24 years, Bryce Lawrence ruined the Rugby World Cup for the Springboks – the list goes on and on.

30 Funny #FakeBreakingNews Tweets 1

This morning rumors of former South African President Nelson Mandela being taken up in hospital spread like wildfire on the popular social networking / micro-blogging service Twitter. This was later confirmed to be untrue. This prompted South African Twitter users to Tweet a ton of fake headlines. The hashtag #FakeBreakingNews has become a South Africa trending topic on Twitter because of this.

Here are 30 Funny #FakeBreakingNews Tweets that I saw earlier today:

  • “Malema running for next President.” @RuanHaha
  • “JuJu is an AWB member” @TyronLSA
  • “A new dictator has arisen and has vowed to colonise and destroy our ears. Her name is Justin Gaga” @ActivationZA
  • “Secunda declared the new capital of South Africa ” @KasteelGH
  • “Presidency declares 3 January a Public Holiday” @zaidmo
  • “Braaing on gas proven to extend lifespan by up to 10 years ” @ZippyBraai
  • “Facebook to review privacy policies, to delete all of your browsing data collected.” @WhisperdScream
  • “@hennokruger declared the mayor of Pretoria; ousting recently appointed @BaasDeBeer” @SnorCity
  • “Latest version of Internet Explorer declared 100% bug-free ” @BuckySA
  • “Bobby van Jaarsveld en Kurt Darren klim uit die kas en erken hulle is lovers met wilde S&M partytjies.” @gevaaalikdotcom
  • “Blue bulls win 2012 Super 15” @RichardHops (although that’s debatable).
  • “Woman find snoring more sexy than a six-pack and flowers@BaasDeBeer
  • “Corruption and bribery to come to an end in south Africa. ” @bretthelipad
  • “Sources indicate that eating vegetables make you fat” @BraaiBoy
  • “Its snowing on table mountain” @boomroker
  • “Helen Zille Admits to Being Julius Malema’s Partner in Crime” @XavierLoubser
  • “Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to admit swopping sexes at birth” @roshOPC
  • “Zero Bankfees in South Africa as Banks Remember they’re making money from interest” @lwnuclear
  • “SA Road Death Toll Finally Scares Drivers Into Learning How to Drive Sober & Safely” @RoyBlumenthal
  • “Giving head will get you killed” @valerie1001
  • “Malema retakes woodwork and gets an A” @thami_monk
  • “Bob Mabena wins Journalist of the Year” @Luyanda_Peter
  • “Citizen finally smells what The Rock is cooking.” @solidgame
  • “Helen Zile and Simphiwe Dana are dating.” @Justinmpm
  • “Dalai Lama allowed in South Africa” @ThabisoMosia
  • “Graeme Smith to captain Boland Kavaliers from lock position… ” @sanjeevbudhram
  • “Selebi gets presidential pardon” @mmalose
  • “Bismark du Plessis signs with Smit’s London based Saracens.” @wordsfromshaun
  • “Steve Jobs comes back as Bill Gates’ grand child” @MakeNoiseSA
  • “Bafana Bafana Qualified for Afcon” @fjmokoena

There you go, some of the funny #FakeBreakingNews Tweets seen today. Hope this lightened up the last Friday in 2011 for you. Feel free to comment on this post if you have found other tweets containing this hashtag. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. Also feel free to check out the other posts in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant. Watch this space for more posts in this category


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