30 Funny Kim Jong-Il #DearLeaderFakeFacts Tweets

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Il passed away yesterday. The death of “Dear Leader” (the way that a lot of folks referred to him) has caused quite a buzz on the Micro-blogging service Twitter this morning. For those of you who did not know Kim Jong-Il was the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (the ruling party in North Korea since 1948), the Chairman of the the National Defence Commission of North Korea and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army (the fourth-largest standing army in the world). He was the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from 1994 until his death yesterday.

30 Funny Kim Jong-Il #DearLeaderFakeFacts Tweets 1

Some North Korean folks actually believe that he’s one of the most loved leaders in the world and that has some kind of magical / healing powers. Truly unbelievable if you ask me. This dictator and his government were “among the world’s most repressive governments” (according to a 2004 Human Rights Watch report). The report also stated that there are up to 200,000 political prisoners and no freedom of the press or religion, political opposition or equal education and health care in Northern Korea. Basically every aspect of political, social, and economic life in North Korea is controlled by the government. This is bound to remain unchained under the leadership of Kim Jong-Il’s son Kim Jong-un (who has been named as his successor). The North Korean people should rise up and take back their country (in my humble opinion).

Here are 30 Tweets that were sent using the #DearLeaderFakeFacts Hashtag:

  • “Kim Jung Il wasn’t actually short. He was just so well endowed that the earth compressed beneath him” @DubbleH33lix
  • “Kim Jong-il created fake cities, building houses and hotels at will, thereby inspiring the idea for Monopoly” @SnorCity
  • “Kim Jong Il was the inspiration for “Hit Me Baby One More Time” @Robin__Fletcher
  • “Kim Jong-il didn’t need firelighters, he could command wood to self-ignite” @BraaiBoy
  • “Kim Jong personally made the bubbles that go into areo chocolates” @eZulu
  • “Kim Jong II gave Chuck Norris up for adoption at birth for being ginger. In anger Chuck made movies against communism” @Katie_SA
  • “In the new movie ‘The Dictator” You see Gaddafi stick that rubber fist in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bum” @Travesty_Kruger
  • “Kim Jong-Il ordered Chuck Norris to be a legend. But he also killed Bruce Lee.” @BaasDeBeer
  • “Kim Jong Il never received any “someone is writing bad blogs about you” DMs on Twitter. ” @BarryTuck
  • “If it wasnt for Kim Jong Il there would have never have been sliced bread, then what the fuck would we compare shit to” @brandnewbryan
  • “Kim Jong-II started the “rooking” at things fad.” @gevaaalikdotcom
  • “As a young man, Kim Jong-Il received heart transplant from the body of Lyndon Johnson” @jmikecompton
  • “Before Kim Jong Il, North Korea was actually called Nolth Kolea” @Glitter_Garbage
  • “Kim Jong il preferred trance over dubstep” @AMG133
  • “Kim Jong il was the creative mind behind 9 out of the 10 top grossing Hollywood films ” @rycology
  • “Rupert Murdoch’s wife is actually Kim Jong Il in drag” @themightyquin
  • “Kim modelled North Korea on orwell’s 1984 after thoroughly enjoying the read” @AhmedBubs
  • “Kim Jong-Il gave Ghandi his first adult diaper” @SnorCity
  • “Kim Jong inspired King Kong” @BwanaChris
  • “Kim jong really did have moves like jagger” @eZulu
  • “Kim Jong Il gained notoriety in the fashion world for designing Lady Gaga’s meat dress ” @SpecialKirst
  • “Kim Jong-Il broke up Kim Kardashian’s marriage. Only room for one Kim.” @jmikecompton
  • “The LMFAO hit, “I’m Sexy And I Know It”, was co-written by Kim Jong Il. ” @BarryTuck
  • “Kim Jong-il taught SpongeBob to braai underwater” @BraaiBoy
  • “Kim Jong-il could oust anyone as the mayor of anywhere at any time on FourSquare” @ActivationZA
  • “Kim Jong II could strangle you with a cordless telephone.” @Lunathi_Wired
  • “Kim Jong Il had a spell on Torres’ shooting foot,watch him rise to form now that…” @valerie1001
  • “Kim Jong Il isn’t dead. He’s preparing for the title role in the next “Mummy” movie. ” @Robin__Fletcher
  • “Kim Jong il invented fake orgasms 🙂 brought it out of all women :)” @thami_monk
  • “Kim Jong-il was like the force: a light side, a dark side and held the world together” @SnorCity

There you go. I hope that these Tweets have brightened up your day. It’s the last working Monday for most folks that are not on holiday yet. If you find another Tweet worthy of being mentioned on this list, please comment. Feedback is appreciated and welcome at Running Wolf’s Rant. Be on the lookout for regular updates in the Technology category here.


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