30 of the Best Julius Malema #JujuFriday & #WWJT Tweets

This past Friday was Juju Friday on the popular micro-blogging service Twitter. This was the result of the ANCYL (ANC Youth League) calling for the “closer of Twitter” a while ago. Juju Friday saw thousands of South Africans using social networking / media zones poking fun at ANC youth league leader Julius Malema. This saw #JujuFriday trending worldwide as the Malema parody kicked off.

30 of the Best Julius Malema #JujuFriday & #WWJT Tweets 1

The ANC Youth League has refused to comment on Twitter’s JuJu Friday phenomenon, saying it has more important issues to deal with (according to Eyewitness News). Users of Facebook and Twitter were encouraged to change their profile pictures and made Malema their face for the day on Friday. Many of them took these calls seriously and scores of pictures of the ANC Youth League leader were seen on both Twitter and Facebook on Friday. I closely watched this phenomenon unfold on Twitter on Friday. Today’s blog post in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant contains a list of the 30 best Tweets sent with the #JujuFriday and #WWJT (What would Julius Tweet) hashtags on Twitter.

Tweeted By Tweet
@KellTrill I don’t know what’s happening with Nando’s. We are running this country and we cannot be concerned about chickens.
@IamThando Christmas celebrations must be stopped,we have had enough of this White charols
@BarryTuck If you are a white Colonialist cockroach, please RT this.
@Tsholosophy Its that beard of yours that is making you unsure,real revolutionaries are clean shaven like me
@trevorgumbi Just playd pool and im changing the rules. . . . . FROM NOW THE BLACK BALL SINKS THE WHITE!
@trevorgumbi VAVI, okay, maybe there IS a word for hermafrodite in pedi
@trevorgumbi I’m sueing telkom for nationalising the word 8ta, too long now have these corporate giants stolen from the people
@mikesharman I find myself in a predicament comrades.I want to closer the twitter, but I want the adulation that comes with trending
@RubyGold Don’t touch me on my Twitter
@SuperFREAK_SA Bladdy agents, don’t they know that it takes longer to get to mars!? / RT @BigConcerts: 1 week to go until Thirty Seconds to Mars
@AMG133 This fail whale is racist!
@AMG133 You must have your cake and eat it, then take the persons cake thats next to you and eat it too
@jacksongreg007 If I was president I would … Just a moment I want ask Mugabe what I must do
@capleo Teacher: “Johnny, who would you like to be when you grow? Jonny: I want to be like Julius Melama, you bloody agent”
@el_enano You bloody agents, don’t come here with your Twitter tendencies
@Julius_S_Malema It is like the world cup again. Everyone is united for a cause. Only this time it is mocking Malema
@simmiareff There are plenty of Fish in the Sea – but thanks to Kenny Kunene, there will be less fish.
@rooikoos The ANCYL will ensure we dye Mandela’s hair black. We can’t have it being white
@MarcelMonkey Don’t impress your imperialistic ideologies on our nation’s poepol, we will closer the Internet
@Ivanisawesome Smart people discuss ideas, average people discuss events and stupid people discuss people. Julius discusses everything. Idiot savant?
@BaasDeBeer Whatwhat, there is no pretoria, it’s Tshwane, you agent! / @nicholasdelport: HaPpy bDay Pretoria 105years”hokaai lamabeer
@Mabotseba I hav changed the lyrics of the to song to kiss the boer
@PhildeLange These clouds are racist! why are they white!
@papaAmo Journalist: “Would you marry Caster seeing that you’re adamant “he’s” not a man?* Juju **You see, Caster is not dat kind of a woman”
@ZeeMabuza GENDER WHAT! GENDER WHAT! Its obvious! He’s a woman!
@MeltsieB Julius has two new followers. Not on twitter, though. They’re just two guys from Witbank, driving a bakkie…
@zwidomash Chiefs vs pirates tomorrow. There must be a winner. In pedi there is no such thing as draw.
@Glitterachie Follow me or I will close Twitter down!
@basilparker Hay Ajents! Listening to every comrades favorite song “Love my Tender, love my tweet, all my deals complete”
@skhu_khambs I’m like Freddy Kruger to opposing parties comrades…I scare the isht outta ’em!!!

If you’ve found other interesting tweets on these subjects, please comment on this post. #JujuFriday & #WWJT has proven that Social Media is alive and well in South Africa, even though it only represents a very small part of the South Africa population.

For those of you who still think that Social Media is a fluke, watch the Social Media Revolution and Social Media Revolution 2 videos and think again. 2010 has truly been an interesting year for social networking in South Africa. Feel free to check out the other posts in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant. You might also find the regularly updated Music, Movies, Humor, Gaming, Television and Sport categories interesting. And don’t forget to check out the daily updated Babes and Photography categories. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.


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