360 Degree Feedback Software Features Make Appraisals Reliable

A company needs to employ more than one person to work successfully. These employees have many skills and expertise which are different from each other. They are usually hired when requirements for their skills are there.

If the workload is more, more than one person having the same skill sets can be hired for the same position. After hiring, these employees need to go through some training and development programs which are developed according to the organizational goals. After successful completion of the training periods, they are expected to be able to perform well.

To measure the level of performance of the employees, companies have been using different types of appraisal systems

This is suitable to measure the abilities of their employees according to their requirements. However, questions have been raised about the authenticity of some of the appraisal systems which have been used for many years. For an example, in the appraisal system where employee performance is only evaluated by the supervisor of the employees, there is a chance that the supervisor is judging according to his/her wishes based on the personal relationships with the employees which are unfair and unethical.

To overcome this problem, companies have come up with an appraisal system

This where feedback about the employees from their colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors are taken into account to understand the overall performance of the employees from different angles.

It is considered as one of the most accurate systems of appraisal as it considers the opinion of every person working with the employee and leaves no room for unfair judgment. Now, to make this appraisal system work properly, companies need to buy efficient 360 degree feedback software.

These are capable of taking feedback about the employee from the authorized people working with him/her and based on these feedbacks they give an overview of the performance of the employee is displayed. Depending on this overview, development plans are designed for the improvement of the employee. Let us understand how 360 feedback software works… 

360 Degree Feedback Software

There are more than one goals to be achieved through the  appraisal software, they are:

1. Performance appraisal where feedbacks are collected from the people working with the employee to get a holistic perspective about the performance of the employee and to identify the gaps where he/she needs to work on.

2. Training plans which are recommended based on the gaps identified by the software for which the employee needs improvement

3. Succession planning based on the performance level of the employee and understanding how far he/she is to achieve the expertise required to become eligible to take the responsibilities for a certain designation.

360 Degree Feedback Software

This software has many special features to make it useful for the companies, some of which are as follows:

1. It makes the appraisal system hassle-free for the companies. No special training is required to use this software.

It is very easy to install this software in the systems of the company. Nobody needs to monitor this software on a regular basis. Moreover, this software sends a reminder about giving feedbacks when the deadline for submission of the appraisal is nearby.

2. This software provides intuitive reports which include group reports, comprehensive feedback reports, and easily understandable dashboards.

These reports help to understand the area of expertise of the employee. It also indicates the gaps in the performance of the employee on which he / she needs to improve himself/herself. Training programs are also suggested based on these reports.

3. The surveys used in this software are customizable according to the requirements of the company.

The questions can be deleted or added whenever there is a need. Also, different types of questions are added in the survey to evaluate different employees of the company.

4. This software provides a personalized dashboard which is used to manage the feedbacks already given or need to be given in one single platform.

It shows the status of completion of the feedbacks and based on that the software sends reminders to the respective employees to complete the feedbacks.

5. The user interface of this software is extremely user-friendly. Anyone can understand how to use this software.

Hence employees can easily give feedbacks from anywhere at any time using the mobile-friendly version of the software.

6. This software allows the participants to provide their feedbacks according to their own pace.

Because of this feature, the number of completion of feedbacks is high. Also on the feedback is filled, the software automatically saves the responses. Hence once the feedback is given, it is never lost.

7. It contains competency frameworks which have been proven by research to be useful to evaluate the employees of the organization.

This software contains different types of psychometric tests which are capable of judging the behavioral traits of different employees.

These tests are designed by world-class psychometricians who have proven the authenticity oh these tests. Hence these psychometric tools are extremely reliable when it comes to understanding the overall performance of the employees of the organization.

The steps of using this feedback software are quite simple. The steps are as follows:

1. At first, the company needs to choose the appropriate survey templates from the survey template library. All of these templates have been developed by experts keeping in mind that different types of employees need to be evaluated differently.

2. Not only the companies can choose the survey template they want, but also they can customize the templates if they think there is a need to make changes to the available survey templates to make it suitable to evaluate the existing employees of the organization.

3. After choosing the appropriate survey template, the people i.e. the subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors working with the employee are given access to submit their feedback about the employee. This software allows them either to submit their responses in bulk or to submit the responses individually.

Also, the software makes sure that none of these people fail to submit the feedback about the employee by sending reminders to them when the deadline is approaching.

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