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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself


I’m first in line when it comes to busting balls and telling you what’s what. Great at giving advice and being the shoulder to cry on, or even just the silent ear when someone needs it. I’m also really kak at “Practise what you preach”; always ready to give reassuring, honest advice but rarely do I apply it to my own life. Sometimes I even give really fucking good advice.

Recently I gave someone a ‘down to the bone, get your fucking shit sorted son’ chat and had such legit starting points. Feeling good and confident about the guiding hand I provided I started to wonder about what it REALY means to have your ducks in a row. Being a mature adult and all the cream pie.

I guess each person sees it differently; for some it’s being rich and for other it’s to be married by 26 with your first born on its way, living the white picket fence dream. Somebody rather kill me! I have a variety of friends in different age groups, some young and happily married (for now), and the rest a bit older still partying it up like they are 19! Each of them very different to the rest.

The corporate world, or married life isn’t for everyone, but every one of them have some sort of accomplishment that stops them from being the old sad guy at the bar or the saggied piece of ass still hunting 20 year old dick. Now, with that being said I still feel that there should be some sort of ‘general guidelines’ when it comes to having your varkies in ‘n hok at a certain age or time in your life.

I’ve read a lot of bullshit pieces stating all kinds of ridiculous things like “You can’t cook” or “You have no idea what to do when you’re sick” and this all adds to you not having your shit together. Jesus. Really? There’s a big difference between being complete and utterly fucking stupid and a late bloomer. If you have a pounding abscess in your face, ready to blow, and you leave it- you deserve to loose your eyes. *Fingers crossed*

So what does it mean to have your life sorted at a certain age? What is acceptable and what is not? Last week Thursday was a shitty day, the Friday following was even kakker resulting in me throwing my little hands in the air, calling quitsies on life and hitting the alone road towards the mountains. Now as childish as this might sound it did me really fucking good. I got some solid alone time to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around things.

I found the much needed clarity to make a “mature adult” decision, weighing out all my options. The possibly good, as well as the horrific. I came back with a lighter heart, a more… well fuck let’s call it a matured outlook on certain things and the ability to tackle a very kotsige situation by the balls.

This little weekend in solitude also gave me the opportunity to have a one on one with a friend who seemed that he needed it. In turn, giving him my personal opinion on certain things not only did I help him (I hope) but it also cleared things up even more for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is; as much as we would like to have guidelines in life, we fucking can’t.

I also can’t give you any, except the obvious don’t be a dick or don’t mess with someone’s heart and don’t let someone mess with yours.

Life should be tough, it makes you better, stronger and more capable to handle hard situations. It’s also wonderful with so many appealing things to look forward to. Each very kak thing, brings you something more delightful even though it might not seem like it at the moment.

There are no ways of knowing that you’re on the right track, or knowing that you have your shit together by the age you find yourself now.

So in short, there is no way of knowing where you should be at what point in your life. Accomplishments doesn’t define you, nor does the lack of it break you. You are not forever lost if you wander from the road, the most important thing is realising when you have wandered, and that you get back on the road which will lead you to where you want to be. Remember: Check yourself before you wreck yourself, it’s that plain and simple.

Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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