4 Basic Survival Tips for Oppikoppi 2015


Oppikoppi 2015 The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos is less than 5 days away and the excitement is overwhelming. More than 100 acts are performing and thousands of prawns will be making their way to District 9 to find the perfect camp site, pitch their tents and have a jolly good time.

Oppikoppi 2011

Extensive articles featuring survival tips were posted in 2014 and 2012 and you’re more than welcome to read them, but if you don’t want to, here’s 4 basic survival tips for Oppikoppi 2015.

1. Don’t be a doos: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, nobody likes an asshole. Don’t steal other people’s shit, don’t break something that doesn’t belong to you, don’t puke in someone’s tent, don’t play your “Best of Modern Talking” or “Best of Kurt Darren” tunes kliphard and piss people off in the campsite, don’t disregard the fire rules, etc. If you act like a doos, people will treat you like one. #JustSaying

Be awesome instead. If someone falls down: help them up, if someone offers you a drink or a shot: accept, if a random asks you to sokkie in the middle of Boom straat: dance like no one’s watching, etc. In other words: Have fun, but respect your fellow prawns. Look after yourself and others. It’s the right and human thing to do.

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2. Make friends: More than 18,000 people make their way to Oppikoppi every year, so chances are that you’ll come into contact with other human beings and you’ll make friends. Join your neighbour for a breakfast beer or offer them one (if everyone in your campsite is still sleeping), buy a random a shot at the top bar, start a conversation with someone random while you’re at the bar or watching bands, walk Boom street from where it starts to where it ends and experience what’s going on. Just go with the flow and a have a good time.

The choice is ultimately yours, but making friends will make your life easier at Oppikoppi, mark my words.

Oppikoppi 2011 03

3. Experience the music and pace yourself: We all know that Oppikoppi is one hell of a party but it’s also one of the best opportunities to experience live music in South Africa. You could argue that the internationals aren’t the best that have been booked for this year’s festival, but there are TONS of local acts worth seeing, so experience them. Try to experience at least one act that you have not heard of a day – you might just be blown away.

I’ve covered the 2015 line-up extensively in a previous article, but if you are too lazy to read it, I’d recommend that you don’t miss Gogol Bordello, Johnny Clegg, Shortstraw, Francois van Coke, The Black Cat Bones and aKING (the 6 best acts on the bill in my humble opinion).

There are tons of acts playing every day, so try not get pissed after the first one you see in the morning. Pace yourself. Drink beer, shots and other booze, but also drink water. The hydration station is the perfect option to help you to stay hydrated.

Oppikoppi 2011 04

4. Remember the essentials: Don’t forget your ticket. There are no tickets for sale at the gate, so print it out NOW and put it somewhere where you won’t forget it (like inside your wallet). Remember your tent, bedding and warm clothes for the evening – believe me, you don’t want to freeze to death at night at Oppikoppi. Also remember sunscreen because you don’t want to become a lobster boy (like me).

If you’re going through on Thursday already, make sure that you have enough food and booze to carry you through the day – the stage area only opens on Friday morning. Buy a case of Windhoek Lager and show the blokes your till slip at the gate and you might get a free Oppikoppi hoodie (limited stocks are available).

Hygiene is a personal matter, but if you want a comfortable experience remember your toothbrush, clean underwear for each day, your towel (if you want to brave the shower cues), wetwipes (if you want to bath in your tent and avoid the shower cues), waterless shampoo (if you’re a girl), toilet paper (because you simply can not forget toilet paper) and condoms (in case you get lucky on the weekend and you’re not planning to start a family right now).

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Well, there you have it, 4 basic survival tips for Oppikoppi 2015. If you don’t have a ticket yet, buy yours for R750 on the Oppikoppi Facebook Page or on Plankton.Mobi.

There are tons of articles about Oppikoppi on Running Wolf’s Rant and if you read through some of them, you might find something really interesting, useful and funny, so feel free to take a look.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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