4 Last Pieces of Advice Before Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast


Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast kicks off tomorrow. By now all of you have probably read our articles featuring interviews with Gareth Wilson, Texx, Stix, @BaasDeBeer, Ed England and Ryan from Woodstock Mafia. You’ve probably also read the articles featuring 33 things you need for Oppikoppi from a stage manager’s perspective and 45 Things That Were Seen “Only at Oppikoppi” and you’ve listened to the SamZone podcast offering tips for this year festival. All that remains is to give you all a last few pieces of advice before you head off to Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast, so here goes….

Oppikoppi Meme 01

Whatever you do, don’t forget the toilet paper. Yes, there usually are toilet rolls at the ablution blocks and in some of the porta potti’s at Oppikoppi, but that’s not always a given. Take at least one roll with you, in case you need to go for a number 2 in the bush. And for the record: I accept thank you’s and high fives after the festival (but only after you’ve washed your hands).

Oppikoppi Meme 02

Don’t forget your sunglasses. If you do forget them and find out on your way to the festival, make sure that you buy a pair from a Pep Stores in Brits or the Shoprite or Spar in Northam. Don’t take your R1000 Oakleys with you, rather pick up some cheapies for less than R200 if you’re scared that you are going to lose them. Put it to you this way: Sunglasses at Oppikoppi are like normal Everyready batteries, they don’t last long.

Oppikoppi Meme 03

This is very important. You need to have a good time. And you have to dance, at least once, even if it’s 1 AM in the top bar and you’re hopping on one leg because your one foot has a thorn in it, even if some DJ is spinning some insane dubsteb and you don’t like dubsteb. Just dance or at least rock the fuck out – it’s soothing for the soul.

Just a disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any injuries that you get from dancing, so please don’t decide to do your latest kickass dubsteb move which involves you jumping out of or into a thorn tree.

Oppikoppi Meme 04

This is a piece of advice that any veteran Oppikoppi festival goer will give you. If you like to listen to Klipwerf or Modern Talking or you feel the sudden urge to play Justin Bieber songs at your campsite, keep the volume down to a considerable level otherwise the boytjies camping next to you who like Slipknot and Manowar might beat the crap out of you.

If you see someone with a big lens (AKA a photographer) don’t block their shots or deliberately bump into him or her. If you’re in front of the stage don’t pull someone into the mosh pit at Deftones if they don’t want to be in it. Respect your fellow festival goers as much as you respect yourself, it’s not rocket science. Fact is: Nobody Likes a Doos.


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