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4 Must-Have Apps to Run Your Business Remotely


Wondering which must-have apps to run your business remotely? Today we’re giving you a list of 4 of them…

Firstly, when you’re running a business without settling the employees in a single office, your management skills have to be on point. It’s safe to say that the success of this endeavor depends on the technology you use. You can’t expect to connect with your employees and team members by phone or email. You need specific tools that will support effortless collaboration.

The idea of a remote work space is no longer abstract. You can manage a successful business while traveling around the world or sitting in your living room for entire days. It’s your choice. You also get to choose the tools you use to manage this business, so make a smart decision.

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We’ll list some of the most important apps that help you run a business remotely.

1. Time Doctor

When you have offices for your employees, you want them to use their time at work as productively as possible. You’ll probably install productivity-boosting extensions on their browsers, so they won’t waste time on social media. How do you prevent remote employees from wasting time? If you pay them by the hour, it’s important for you to know how they spent that hour.

Time Doctor lets you see how the members of your team spend their work time. It tracks their online activities and takes screenshots. Then, it reports to you.

You’ll inform them what the program does when you ask them to install it. So there’s no spying involved. They know they are being watched, so they have no other choice but to spend their time working.

2. EssayMama

Running a business involves a great deal of marketing. You’re dealing with a remote marketing team, with content development being a huge part of their job. When you need more writers to produce better content, you can rely on EssayMama.

It’s a service that offers help with essay assignments, business plans, blog posts, and all other kinds of content. The writers and designers can help you develop infographics, presentations, long-form posts, and cool visuals that attract your target audience.

There’s no need to hire full-time writers who would require monthly payments. You’ll just hire a freelancer form EssayMama whenever you need new content for your site or social media profiles.

3. Dropbox

Large files are a problem for email messages. They don’t fit in. You absolutely need Dropbox – an app that lets you share large documents and collaborate on their development. All documents will be safely stored in a centralized data center that’s accessible from any connected device.

4. Process Street

This is a tool for process management. It helps you keep an eye on all tasks that your remote employees engage in. You can assign tasks or set the system to automate them. You’ll track the development of each task from the beginning to completion. You can also train new employees through the same platform. It’s perfect!

It’s not that hard to run a business without settling it in offices. All you need is a computer with the right tools on it. If you hired good remote workers and you manage them effectively, you’re set for success.


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