4 online routes to self-improvement

It’s human nature to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to develop as a person. That’s why many people consider self-improvement. With work to do, homes to look after and friends to see, it can be hard to find the time to enrol in that class you’ve always dreamed of taking.

However, there are so many great online resources out there that can aid you on the road to self-improvement.


Here are four of the best online routes to self-improvement

1. The School of Life

Whether your feeling unfulfilled in your job, struggling with relationships, or lacking in confidence, The School of Life is devoted to developing your emotional intelligence. Its HQ is in London, but it produces a wide range of content such as books, articles and films — so wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from its teachings. For more info on about the work of The School of Life, check out this video.

2. Babbel

If you’re looking to acquire a new skill, learning a new language is an excellent option. There are many benefits of learning a language – it’s great for your CV, helps when you’re travelling, and boosts your confidence. But with a busy, unpredictable life, it can be hard to dedicate a set time to learning. That’s why you should consider learning a language online with Babbel. It’s available as an app, so you can learn on the go, and with 14 languages to choose from and over 8,500 hours of content, the path to fluency will be a breeze.

3. YouTube

Whatever you’re looking to learn, chances are there’ll be a YouTube video about it. With millions of videos out there, it might take some time to find the most effective teacher and style, but you’re guaranteed to be entertained along the way. People dedicate large portions of their lives to creating informative content on YouTube, so provided you pick carefully, you can learn a lot. Whether you want to learn about animals, how to keep fit, or even how to build a robot, search for it on YouTube, find a channel you like and subscribe. PS: You can also use YouTube Video Downloader to download the videos.

4. Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning

Formal education is a common route to self-improvement. And Increasing your knowledge, developing new skills and gaining highly-prized qualifications can all have a positive impact on your life chances. However, if you’re working or have family responsibilities, fitting in study time can feel nigh impossible.

Enter courses from Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning  — these online certificates and degrees give you the flexibility to study when you want, from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for a career change, expand your existing knowledge, or learn something new and exciting, they’re worth considering.

It’s evident that the internet is home to fantastic resources that help you to learn and grow in a flexible manner that fits comfortably with the rest of your life. What are your favourite online learning resources? Share your tips in the comments section.

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    There are many online resources that can provide the road to self-improvement. There are endless articles on personal development. Your article is one of them; you have provided the best material for the self improvement.

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