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4 Reasons why South Africa is NOT Kak


I love South Africa. I was born here. Taught how to read, write, build a braai and drink brandy here. I have seen and cried though the ups and downs of rugby and cricket world cups but lately times are getting harder, warmer and easier for pessimism to kick in. In light of all this I think it’s time that we look at 4 of the reasons why you should fall back in love with South Africa.

1. Our local music scene:

When I went to High school I thought South Africa was lacking greatly in talented bands. Given the only forms of local acts I knew, at that time, were those who performed on “Noot-vir-Noot” accompanied by the “Maak-My-Siek-Fabriek”. A friend played me some Fokofpolisiekar and my uptight ideas crashed away.

Acts like The Narrow, Lark, Bittereinder, Jack Parow and many more hit the scene and bliksemed the status quo out the window. Fast forward to 2015 and South Africa has one of the fastest growing local music scenes. I can’t even keep up with all the up-and-coming-artists. If you are struggling with this too, and reruns of “MK skole top 10” is where you get most of your music news from, then check out platforms like The Grind Radio to stay up to date.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to music events. Festivals like Oppikoppi and Rocking the Daises have expanded and started to cater for more and more diverse groups of people. Even If you are a boet who digs your electro you and your tjoms can fist bump to Synergy and “Klap-Vet” tunes. Acts like Deftones, Billy Talent, The Prodigy and many more have made it on to our festival line ups.

2. Humour when dealing with kak:

South Africans are known for being a nation that has an amazing sense of humour. Mostly due to the fact that we are forced to deal with so many issues all at once, that all we can do is shrug, take a sip of brandy and laugh it off. Unless you are part of parliament, then you regard nothing as a laughing matter, just ask Juliaaas and maZiller.

No matter how hard the paw-paw moers the fan you can be sure guys like WatkykJy, Kitchen Dutch or 8poets are in the trenches ready make us see the humour in it all.

3. Ubuntu:

No, I am not referring to Ubuntu armed response okes (you guys are still champs). I mean the kind hearted random acts that happen so often in our country. This was clear during the #FeesMustFall protest that shook the country and the world. People were delivering food / water / toiletries / airtime / klappe and medical assistance (needed due to the klappe) for free to protesting students. None of them wanted a TV spot on Carte Blanche. They were simply looking out for their fellow countrymen.

4. Braai:

This is the greatest and most important of all 4 points. Braaing is not great because it normally results in tasty meat but rather because it combines everything. You can’t have a braai without great local music. There are few things that are as satisfying as tapping your feet and performing your chop-flip-motion synchronised to Fuzigish.

This is normally accompanied by an exchange of a few jokes. Then the time comes to be the kind of hero this country needs. We all have had to help out a friend who forgot their meat or poorly planned their mix distribution through out the day. If you have an extra tjoppie – share it. You never know when it is gonna happen to you.

What I am trying to say is simply no matter how hard times get here, South Africa stays an amazing place. If you can’t see it, that’s fine, but just remember England doesn’t sell Black Label, Biltong or have sun for longer than 5 minutes on a leap year in the middle of May.

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