4 Stunning Babes I Have Discovered Via Twitter


I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again. Twitter is a great place to meet new friends and to network with folks who are like-minded, have the same interest and also possess a great and sharp sense of humor. Oh yes, and Twitter is also awesome for discovering Stunning Babes.

Yes folks, there are tons of accounts on Twitter that tweet out pics of models that you’ve never heard of from places that you didn’t think had any stunning babes. Some of these accounts are a bit explicit, but you can still find decent babes if you look around. Over the last week I’ve discovered 4 stunning babes on Twitter and I thought it would be a good idea featuring them on Running Wolf’s Rant (since the Daily Babes category is not being updated any more). They are all from the UK – that’s just a coincidence (in case you were wondering).

Check out these 4 Stunning Babes below that I discovered on Twitter below:

Abby-Leigh Thorpe (@AbbeyLeighThorpe):  This stunning blonde model from the UK is only 18 years old and hails from Stockton-on-Tees in England. According to her profile on Model Mayhem, Abbey-Leigh Thorpe is willing to do topless modelling and implied nude modelling.

All I could find out about her is that she has a Twitter account, that she’s a model and that she’s from the UK. Not much more is written about her online. She’s definitely a model to look out for though. Definitely one of the hottest blondes that I’ve seen from the UK, in my opinion.

Jessica Amy Welch (@JessicaAmyWelch): This stunning brunette model hails from Scunthorpe, England in the UK. Not much is written about her online. One of her recent tweets mentioned that she got paid for her photo shoot recently, so she must be at the starting point of her modelling career.

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of brunette babes from the UK these days. Just take a look at someone like Rosie Jones, and you’ll see what I mean. I’ll definitely be keeping my ear on the ground and eyes open for more news about Jessica Amy Welch in the future. She’s definitely worthy of being added on this list of Stunning Babes I discovered on Twitter.

Kimberly J (@kimberleyj1): Now this is another one of the those stunning babes from the UK. Not much is written about her but she’s definitely tweeting out some sexy photos via her Twitter account. 23 year old Kimberly J hails from Northampton, England.

This stunning brunette already has over 3,000 followers on Twitter and I’m guessing that this amount will increase radically in the future. She’s definitely a girl to watch in the UK modelling world if you ask me. Kimberly J can currently be seen on Chatgirl TV on Sky in the UK.

Pascal Craymer (@pascalcraymer): This is probably the most well-known of the models that are on this list of stunning babes I discovered via Twitter. Pascal Craymer already has over 5,000 followers on Twitter and she’s also got her own website. According to her Twitter bio Pascal Craymer is a commercial, swimwear, lingerie and music video model.

She is the face of the face of Vivarini swimwear, 2010 and Nikki Beach, Marbella. She was also nominated for Miss England after being crowned Miss Southend-on-sea in 2010. Pascal Craymer was born in Leigh-on-sea, Essex but lived in the USA and Spain for many years before returning to her home town in the UK. She’s definitely one of the hottest UK girls I’ve seen.

Check out these photos below of the 4 stunning babes I have discovered via Twitter:

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