Techy Not Tacky: 4 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches

Technological advancement is making its way into watches, bringing unique features such as temperature sensors, compass, and GPS into play. Wrist watches have come a long way from simply telling the time to technological brilliance. Nowadays they  can be used for diving, travelling and other outdoor activities.

Nowadays, people aren’t buying watches just to tell time, but buying them to make a statement in any attire. Since modern watches are set apart from the known luxury watches by their uniqueness and ingenuity, people prefer them because they’re better.

However, technologically advanced wrist watches such as a smartwatch can do more tasks such as monitoring your heart rate to observe your overall health. All these features that high-tech watches now have, have become extremely useful because of their uses.

Here are four technologically advanced wrist watches you can choose from:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung is a reputable manufacturer of technologically advanced devices, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is no exception. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 provides users a fresh new look with a bigger customizable screen. It’s unique features such as the health tracker looks out for your body and mind whenever your stress levels are incredibly high.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Following this, the tense feeling you get from being stressed can be relieved with the help of the Active2. It guides you with breathing exercises. Following the breathing exercises that the Active 2 suggests to you according to your stress levels can help you get a peace of mind with ease.

The core of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 consists of a full eight photodiodes at the back of the case of the watch is designed to mould to your wrist. The purpose of the new curved design of the watch is to monitor your heart rate which alerts you whenever the heart rate goes above or below the normal level.

2. Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is like wearing a miniature iPad because it can be loaded with applications and customize it to your liking. The Apple Watch Series 4 provides users a technological advances wrist watch with a casual styling. A great feature of this watch is it’s 18-hour battery life and water-resistance up to one meter.

Apple Watch Series 4

The all-new design of the Series 4 represents a fundamental design. Its curved corners compliment the larger display and architecture of the watches chip. The display of the Series 4 also has a low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxid or LTPO. This helps the watch to get through the day on a single charge. This is thanks to improved power efficiency.

The Digital Crown of the Series 4 has been re-engineered to look similar to authentic watches. The Digital Crown also provides a precise click-feel haptic feedback every time you use it to scroll through the watch. The watch has been optimized in every way to provide users a powerful yet efficient timepiece.

3. Casio G-Shock GPW2000 Gravity Master

The GPW2000 Gravity Master is not a typical G-Shock watch. What makes the GPW2000 Gravity Master a technologically advanced wrist watch is its GPS antenna, making it ideal for hiking or adventures.

Casio G-Shock GPW2000 Gravity Master

The design of GPW2000 Gravity Master consists of functional layout of phosphorescent 3D hour markets to provide users excellent visibility even in the darkest hours. The case of the watch has been installed with a high-rigidity fine resin frame to optimize the size and slimness of the watch.

Another unique feature of the GPW2000 Gravity Master is the shadow-dispersing solar panel that maximizes power-generation efficiency. In addition, the durability of the watch is complemented by the magnetic-resistant plate to prevent being affected by magnetic forces that can stop the shifting of the hands of the watch.

4. HD3 Slyde

The HD3 Slyde smartwatch is receiving a lot of attention lately because of its capabilities that can be closely related to the Apple Watch Series 4. The HD3 Slyde is like having a mini-computer on your wrist and it’s customizable display that sets it apart from the Apple Watch Series 4.

HD3 Slyde - Wrist Watches

Unlike the other smartwatches, the display of the HD3 slyde is a simple, digital letter display. The display can be changed to match your personality and style. The overall design of this luxury smartwatch is curved to fit your wrist comfortably. It also doesn’t have any physical buttons, and is fully controlled by taps or slides on the touchscreen.


Having a technologically advanced wrist watch to assist you throughout the day or with your daily routine can save you a lot of time. Smartwatches nowadays don’t only tell time. They are also capable of helping you manage your time wisely through its unique features.

Unique features such as monitoring your heart to make sure your overall health is good is what makes the technologically advanced wrist watches so special. Think having a regular timepiece for the purpose of telling time isn’t enough? Consider buying any one of these four smartwatches. You won’t regret it.

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