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4 Things That I’ll Remember About Capital Craft 2017


I attended Capital Craft 2017 (which was held at the National Botanical Gardens in Pretoria on the 10th of June 2017).  My better half and I made our way their early on the day and we had a really good time.

I could delve very deeply into the details of the whole day (which would bore some of you reading this article), so I decided to highlight 4 things that I’ll remember about Capital Craft 2017 instead (which should be a lot less boring than my usual reviews on Running Wolf’s Rant).

1. I’ll remember how well it was organized…

The organizers did an amazing job! The beer queues moved a lot faster at Capital Craft 2017 (compared to previous edition of the festival), the toilets were clean and I did not see a single fight at the festival. Pretty amazing and impressive for an event that attracted 8,000 punters! Thanks for letting go of the token system and thanks for spacing out the breweries so the pathways between the stages did not get too clogged up with people. The queues at the food stands were long at times, but I suppose one can’t really anticipate hundreds of punters getting the munchies at the same time – it happens and I don’t blame the organizers for this.

2. I’ll remember the memorable musical performances I experienced…

Yes, I was rushing between the stages at Capital Craft 2017 to take photos of the artists, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the performances by the artists. There was so much good live music going around, I wish I could experience it all over again.

Dankie dat jy my weggevoer het na ver-afgelëe plekke Andra, dankie vir die flashbacks na Maloney’s toe in die middel 2000’s Klopjag, thanks for keeping rock alive SADC, dankie vir die memories Koos Kombuis, thanks for reminding me how awesome you are Barbosa Experience and thanks for keeping the younger crowd (and myself) entertained Shortstraw.

3. I’ll remember how awesome a Cape Cobra tastes and then I’ll crave one…

I sampled a Cape Cobra (a Fokof Lager mixed with Jack Parow Brandy) at Capital Craft 2017 and it was awesome. It has awesome taste (which reminds me of a lekker stout) and a lekker kick (thanks Parow’s Karate Water). I really hope Devil’s Peak Brewery makes this more widely available… Thanks for the stickers Devil’s Peak Brewery.

4. I’ll remember the good times with my crazy friends…

Thanks to Baas, Jo, Clement, Aidan, Delinda, Lindsay, Arne, Maggie, Jacques, Rudolph, Archie, Tyron, Henry, Pedro, Peter, Hazel, Saurus, Pieter, Saskia, Chrisma, Maverick, Jacob and everyone else I bumped into on the day for making Capital Craft 2017 a beer festival that I will remember.

If you have not been to a Capital Craft Beer Festival yet, you should really make a plan to check the next one out in June 2018, you will not be disappointed.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music and Photography categories on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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