4 useful tips for RAMFest 2014

RAMFest 2014 is only 2 days away and I think that it’s about time I give you 4 useful tips for this coming weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to attend the Johannesburg leg (which is actually held near Bronkhorstspruit AKA “Dronkwordspruit”) or the Cape Town leg of this epic South African rock festival, these tips apply to both of them. I’m almost 99% sure you’ll find them useful, so make sure that you read this post until the last paragraph.

RAMFest 2014

Useful Tip 1 – Don’t be a doos: Yes, I know that I may be quoting @rudi_cronje when I’m saying this, but still. Not being a doos at a festival is important. No one likes a doos or a sour puss at a festival. If you’re setting up camp, don’t park someone in (who may want to leave earlier than you on the weekend). Be considerate and don’t play your “Best of Thys Die Bosveldklong” treffers kliphard at 9 AM (when everyone is still recovering from the night before). If you decide to have sex at the campsite try to do it when no one is around. Nobody wants to hear your girlfriend or shag’s epic and orgasmic howls and grunts while they’re frying their eggs and bacon on the gas braai for breakfast or while they’re finishing up their last drinks before they’re crashing in their tent. I think these Afrikaans words describe it best “Moenie voor honger mense eet nie”. Instead, be friendly, enjoy the tunes and buy random people tequila at the bar. You’ll end up making new friends before you can say “Fuckity Fuck”, I guarantee you.

Useful Tip 2 – Pace yourselves: Having attended tons of music festivals over the years I have to tell you that if you want to see the international headlining acts and some really epic local acts you have to pace yourself when it comes to alcohol usage. RAMFest 2014 is a 3 day event (4 if you count Sunday) and if you get completely hammered throughout the day on Thursday and Friday you may just end up missing some epic acts. Familiarize yourself with your limits and get hold of a program (or print the ones out on the RAMFest Facebook page or the RAMFest website) and remind yourself and your friends regularly about the line-up. Get a buddy system going and you will most probably NOT be missing anything you REALLY want to see.

Useful Tip 3 – Set up a RAMFest checklist and tick each item off that you pack: This list may differ from individual to individual, but the basic items that should be on your list are: Your RAMFest ticket (otherwise you won’t get in), your tent (with the pens and poles, don’t forget them), condoms (if you’re thinking of scoring), a cheap pack of smokes (for all the peeps who will be bumming off you over the weekend), plenty of booze (because you can never have ENOUGH of it), toilet paper (because not wiping your arse properly is disgusting), wet wipes (if you’re a girl who doesn’t like public ablutions), pain pills (for the hangovers in the morning), a mattress and bedding (because no one should pass out in their tent in discomfort), cash (because there will be ATM’s on site, but mobile signals to them are not always 100% reliable), warm clothing / rain coat (in case it gets cold or starts raining), clean underwear for every day (because wearing the same jock or panty for 4 days is not cool, even though YOLO) and a friendly attitude (because no one likes a sour puss or a doos). There could be a hundred more items on this list, but I consider these items to be the basics. Just leave your Brakpan nightstick at home, you probably won’t end up using it.

Useful Tip 4 – Have fun: Over the last 7 years RAMFest has grown into one of the top music festivals in South Africa. It’s definitely one of the best organized festivals in the country. The organizers work their behinds off every year to bring you some of the top rock, alternative and metal acts that this country and the world has to offer, so stop bitching about some band not being on the line-up, rock the fuck out and have a good time. If you’re not to fond of a band, try watching them with tequila goggles, you might even end up dancing or headbanging with some random peeps (or you might even end up scoring with one of them). Breakdance during one of the electro sets in your Trivium t-shirt and freak people the fuck out. Bottom line: Forget about work and all the really crappy things in your life, unwind a little and have fun.

I’m extremely amped about attending RAMFest 2014 Johannesburg this year. It will be my 6th RAMFest that I’m attending and with headlining acts like Foals, Biffy Clyro, Trivium and Killswitch Engage and top local acts like Man as Machine, Pestroy, Taxi Violence, Loveglove Pyrotechnics, Shortstraw, Black Cat Bones, Fuzigish, Haezer, Niskirone, Jet Black Camaro, Aidan Martin and others I think this one is going to be one for the books. Remember that you can still buy RAMFest tickets, so make your way to plankton.mobi if you still want to go. Also familiarize yourself with the festival rules on the RAMFest Cape Town and RAMFest Johannesburg events pages on Facebook. Try not to miss out on one of the top music festival events of the year.

I hope that you find these hints useful, but if you have anything you feel you should add to this list, feel free to comment on this article and let everyone know. Spread the word about these tips by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring after all.

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  1. BaasDeBeer

    A random comment on each point:

    w00t! Can’t wait for RAMfest! Lets hope it doesn’t rain…

    1. Agrered. Except, I do believe that if you want to pomp-a-bokkie, you should do it whenever you want. As long as you don’t mind your mates standing outside your tent auditing your performance, and handing the girl/guy a scoretificate afterwards…

    2. I love kuiering, but I never see the sense in partying so hard that you miss bands. If you do, you are fucking stupid.
    I know, I have been fucking stupid.

    3. One item I would add for this year (seeing as the possibility of rain is intense), is a few extra towels to keep in your car, as well as extra socks and if possible gumboots.

    4. Indeed, the organisers are awesome. Have a look at a post I wrote about RAMfest:

    Looking forward to rocking out with you bro!

  2. Stephan

    Gumboots, gumboots gumboots

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