5 Bands / Artists that I’ve discovered thanks to Spotify

In the second or third week of March 2018 I joined the world’s biggest music streaming platform, Spotify (which is now available in South Africa) and I wrote an article about its awesome features.

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 13

I’ve been playing around with the app for the last few weeks and I can’t even begin to tell you how much awesome music I’ve been listening to that I’ve never heard before, so I decided to make a list.

Here are 5 Bands / Artists that I’ve discovered thanks to Spotify:

Alex Lahey: A song by this 25 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia popped onto my Spotify because I was trying out the DZ Deathrays‘ Artist Radio feature. Turns out there’s a lot of good music coming from down under nowadays.

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 14

Alex Lahey released her EP, B-Grade University in 2016 and released her full album I Love You Like a Brother through her own independent label in October 2017. She started touring the USA in December 2017 and is currently on tour in Europe to promote her debut album. To get an idea of her sound, crank up her song “Every Day’s The Weekend” below:

BlackWaters: This Indie Punk band hails from Guildford, England in the UK. I was busy building a playlist and one of their songs came up as a suggestion. The fast-paced nature of the song completely made love to my eardrums and I have to admit that I was hooked almost immediately. They’ll be releasing a new EP in May.

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 15

This four-piece act captures the essence of disaffected youth and politics. Their debut single ‘So Far Out’ was written about the Brexit vote in the UK. They are influenced by current bands like Fidlar and Palma Violets to the classic punk of The Clash and The Ramones. Have a listen to their song “Let The Good Times Roll” below to get an idea of their sound.

Milk Teeth: This British Punk band from Stroud, Gloucester, England has been around since May 2013. The band consists of bassist and vocalist Becky Blomfield, guitarists Chris Webb and Billy Hutton and drummer Oli Holbrook. Milk Teeth was signed to Hopeless Records in April 2015.

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 16

To date they have released 3 EPs and 1 full studio album (entitled Hopeless). The minute I pressed play on the track that Spotify recommended (“Nearby Catfight”) I was hooked immediately because I released that punk rock is still alive and kicking. To get an idea of their sound, crank up the track I discovered via Spotify below. Warning: The video contains cute kittens.

Tired Lion: This Indie Rock band hails from Perth, Australia and consists of singer/guitarist Sophie Hopes, lead guitarist Matt Tanner, bassist Nick Vasey and drummer Ethan Darnell. They’ve been around since 2010 and to date they have released 2 EPs and a full studio album (entitled Dumb Days).

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 17

The title track of their debut studio album, “Dumb Days” popped up randomly on my Spotify via one of the Artist Radio’s that I was listening to and I was instantly hooked. Take Courtney Love’s band Hole, add a little Indie and make them a little less angry and you get Tired Lion. That’s just my humble opinion. To get an idea of their sound, crank up the song I discovered initially below.

Himalayas: This Indie Rock band hails from Cardiff, Wales in the UK and have been around since September 2015. The members of the band are Joseph Williams (on vocals and rhythm guitar), Mike Griffiths (on lead guitar and backing vocals), Louis Heaps (on bass) and James Goulbourn (on drums).

5 Bands / Artists that I've discovered thanks to Spotify 18

Sonically the band offer seductive guitar lines and hip bass parts that will groove you to the core, all driven by an avalanche of drums. The songs are fresh with a dark undercurrent and the overall sound is slick and melodic with lyrics that defy the age of the songwriters. Needless to say, I was hooked almost instantly when I heard their song “Thank God I’m Not You” on Spotify. Crank it up below and you’ll understand why I was.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Spotify for making it possible for music fans to discover great music. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up here.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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