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5 Benefits of Waking Up Early


You may have heard it over and over again that waking up early does wonders for your health. You will also find ancient proverbs which go to the extent to say that ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’.

If you are among those who won’t believe a thing unless you try it yourself, then following are certain things that you are likely to experience for yourself if you start your day early: Peace of mind

Waking Up Early
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There is a certain peace of mind that you will experience in waking up early. There are no cars out on the street, no noises and also no yelling of kids in the neighbourhood. You and your thoughts will be left alone thus giving you the liberty to work sincerely on things that you like to do.

Waking up early allows you to begin your day in the right set of mind. Waking up and immediately jumping into your routine can be extremely stressful. Your day will pass much smoothly if you wake up and take your time to get ready. Your day is also likely to end on a good and positive note if you begin it in a nice and quiet manner.

1. You’ll enjoy Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is another major benefit of waking up early. You are up when the rest of the world is asleep. It gives you the peace to work on things that you need to get done in the morning. There are no distractions to take your mind away from the tasks at hand.

2. You can plan your day

If you wake up early in the morning you have enough time to go through your agenda and you also have all the time that you need to create strategies for the day. Having an idea and also a plan for what you wish to achieve in the day you can make your day even more productive.

Coming up with a plan will only take five or maybe ten minutes. You can also create a plan for the week which enlists goals for the entire week. These things will not happen if you simply snooze and wake up late in the morning.

3. You have enough time for breakfast

Another major benefit of waking up early is that you get plenty of time to have a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and waking up late means that you may not get the time to have this all important meal.

Having a good and healthy breakfast, be it some meat, fruits or sandwich or even eggs will contribute to your increased productivity. With a healthy breakfast you will have all the energy that you need to tackle your tasks actively throughout the day.

4. You have a greater amount of energy

If you get proper rest you will experience a greater amount of energy in your system. When compared with night owls early risers tend to have better sleep patterns. Those who wake up till late in the night are not able to go into deeper cycles of sleep.

There are several benefits of going into deeper cycles of sleep such as your breathing will slow down, your blood pressure will drop, muscles will be relaxed, body temperature will drop and there will also be increased blood flow to your muscles.

It gives your bones and tissues the opportunity to repair themselves and there are many cellular corrections too that take place in that phase of sleep. Good sleep is also important for muscle development as it is only in deep sleep that growth hormones are released.

5. You’ll have better mental health

The benefits that have been mentioned above provide a support structure for better mental health. You can approach the day as it comes and release the anxiety locked up in your system as sleeping early and waking up early improves brain function, reduces stress and also the physical strain that gets accumulated in your body. Being organised and managing time properly are things that mental health experts believe is a result of a healthier mind and a good night’s rest.

While waking up early can be good for longevity of life, there is still no telling with certainty whether we will live to see tomorrow or not. If you wish to secure your tomorrow you should find out more about legacy wills.

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