The 5 Best Mac Data Recovery Software Packages

Imagine this for a second: Tomorrow is the deadline for the submission of an important project and suddenly you lose your important data on your Mac / Computer / storage device?

A few years ago, the only option you would have had would be using a time machine and recovering your data or just laugh out loud because it would impossible. Nowadays chances of this happening are less though.

Data Recovery

There is so much reliable PC / Mac recovery software out there and today we’re focusing on 5 packages that’s out there for Mac. Unfortunately all these data recovery software packages require payment, but you should not feel discouraged, you should get your money’s worth.

1. Data Rescue 3: This package has functions for recovering lost, damaged media or any file. It has a scanning technique called Brute Force, which scans every part of your drive. Advantages:

  • The brute force method scanning ensures high possibility of recovering a lost file.
  • Other scanning options: quick scan, deleted file scan, deep scan.
  • There’s also a special function which duplicates a damaged file so that it scan the duplicate file and you can easily recover your data from that file.


  • Sometimes it does not preview the found data which confuses the user.
  • The interface is quiet complicated.

2. Apple X Soft File Recovery Format: This is a simple and very effective Mac data recovery program. It does not require any special skills to recover the data. It recovers the accidentally deleted files and folders, initialized drive, unwanted volume, logical file system damaged file drive. It also reconstructs the lost RAIDs.


  • A comprehensive Mac data recovery solution is offered.
  • It has a simple file browsing system which helps you find the lost files easily.
  • Recovery of hardware and software rates are possible.
  • It supports multiple file systems including FAT, EXFAT, NTFS, HFS PLUS, ISO 9660, EXT 2/3.
  • Extra functions can be added with the programs: wipe data, disc diagnostic and disc tools.


  • Apple X Soft File Recovery can only preview photos.
  • Scanning speed is slow.
  • You can’t add custom file types.

3. Wonder Share Data Recovery for Mac: It helps Mac users to recover lost Mac and iPhone data. It has 3 most important features: It’s safe, it’s fast and it’s reliable.

It recovers lost videos, photos, e-mail documents and archive files from any Mac base drive or any external drive, camera, phone or SD card. It also works under following circumstances:

  • Accidental deletion from of formatting, virus infection, improper operation or unexpected power failure.


  • It does not require any special skill for usage.
  • It can recover files for any data loss scenario.
  • It also helps iPhone users to recover data such as lost photos, SOS contacts and other file types from iTunes.
  • It has a special preview feature which can preview photos, documents, emails and text files.
  • It does not only recover file but also the exact copy of file with the same directory structure and file name.
  • You can stop the scanning process whenever your file is detected and can save the result for the future use, saving you time.


  • To avoid the over written data you cannot install the program on original volume of your lost data.
  • The scanning of this recovery tool is so strong that it even finds every cached web file from your browser and even the corrupt and damaged ones too.

4.  Remo Recover: It was created to solve the problems for Mac users and is very easy to use. It supports multiple file types as well as media. You don’t need to dig your head in the manuals to activate this because the wizard interface will help you out definitely. There are three editions of Remo Recover.

The basic edition is the cheapest and allows you to recover deleted files on your Mac. The Pro edition offers you the function of recovering videos or deleted portions but for this you need to pay $179.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can identify various file types with the unique signatures.


  • The basic edition does not provide good functions and the Pro edition is too costly for a normal person to afford.
  • If you want to recover lost files you need to play $10 more to the basic edition.
  • Recovering data from corrupted drive is not possible.

5. EASEUS: It uses the powerful patent pending technology to recover and replace the original directory. You can install it on external bootable Mac based drive to recover the lost data from your Mac.


  • User can install it on external drive.
  • It can recover data with its failed Mac drive tool.
  • It has the most user friendly interface.
  • Some other special features such as: automated, repair disc permission are offered to you.


  • Even though this program is easy to use but its installation and setup is very complicated.
  • Scanning requires longer time than other Mac data recovery software users.

Data Recovery 2

These five packages are the most powerful and useful Mac data recovery software packages. In my opinion the best data recovery software is the package that frequently backs up your important files and costs the less.

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