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5 Best Places to Photograph in Amsterdam


Every traveling experience is one-of-a-kind and enriching in its own way, and each city offers unique possibilities for exploration. Amsterdam is no exception, and this wonderful destination is guaranteed to leave you with many unforgettable memories.

If you’re interested in documenting some precious moments with your camera or smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 5 tips to help you raise your travel photography to a whole new level. This list features 5 fascinating locations that you should definitely capture while you’re in Amsterdam.

1. Photograph Damrak Waterfront at Golden Hour

If you are looking to enrich your photography portfolio with some amazing shots, CV experts from Best Essays strongly suggest visiting Damrak, a stunning avenue and canal, which specific and eye-catching architecture represents a wonderful subject for photographing.

Damrak Waterfront
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Explore this amazing area inside Amsterdam’s very heart. Try out shooting it during the golden hour, the time of day shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

If you decide to photograph a friend or a passenger during this session, make sure to use the best of this light. It will make your subjects look “softer” and the color of their skin will look especially appealing. Your photographs will have a warm, nostalgic glow, and the overall atmosphere you will achieve will surely leave everyone speechless.

2. Experiment with photographing every corner in IJ-Hallen on NDSM Wharf

IJ-Hallen is a vast flea market located on the banks of river IJ, and this is one of the most important cultural hotspots in Amsterdam. This place is always crowded with sellers and buyers, and the vivid atmosphere you are sure to encounter in IJ-Hallen will surely inspire you to make a few amazing shots.

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IJ-Hallen is a show-stopping spot for photographing artistic, individually arranged stands and their owners, different bypassers, and walls covered in graffiti. The vibrant colors, a wide variety of shapes, and people of different age and background made this former shipyard a must-visit place where every travel photographer simply must document a thing or two.

3. Get a frontal, wide angle shot of the EYE Film Institute

This amazing archive and museum of the film (containing over 35,000 film titles and numerous posters, photographs and books related to the film industry) is another place you should definitely not miss.

Not only is it a fascinating spot for film lovers, but it’s also a magnificent architectural construction that will look amazing in your photographs.

EYE Film Institute
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This futuristic-looking facility was designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects and is located on the bend of the river IJ, opposite the historical part of Amsterdam.

The shape of the building represents the result of exploration with the light and the illusion of movement, and taking a wide angle shot of this stunning place will produce some stunning results.

4. Explore the nature of the Frankendael Park

Do you appreciate historically rich venues with lovely 17th-century look and feel? If your answer is yes, Frankendael Park is just the spot for you.

Take a stroll down the mesmerizing Frankendael Park’s Style and Landscape gardens. You will soon feel like you stepped right into the very history of this place. The photographs you can take here will look rich, retro, and simply breathtaking.

Frankendael Park
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If you wish to emphasize the historical aspect of the venue, experiment with turning your photographs to black and white. You could also try warm sepia tones. Your photos will look like they have been taken from some old archives. This will give them a specific emotional value.

5. Capture the active nightlife on Rembrandtplein Square

Rembrandtplein is a location that many professional and amateur photographers gladly choose as a source of inspiration. It’s one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam.

Bright lights contrasting the night sky and crowded streets, cafés, and clubs simply call out to be photographed. This is the opportunity you should most definitely take.

Rembrandtplein Square
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When photographing this scenery at nighttime, you will need some testing and some patience. The combination of very low natural light affected by various strong artificial light sources is a tricky field, and you will need to experiment with shutter speed, ISO, and aperture a bit to get the most out of these lighting conditions.

Don’t be afraid to try different settings. Sometimes, even “bad” choices lead to creating some interesting shots you will wish to keep.


Whether you like photographing people, natural scenery, architecture, or a little bit of everything, knowing which places to visit in your photographic journey across Amsterdam can really make a difference.

Make sure to check out the locations mentioned above and follow the accompanying tips. You will surely take breathtaking photographs you will be proud to share.

Let your creativity blossom, try different angles, settings, and compositions. Create a memorable photographic journal filled with memories that leave a lasting impact on the viewers.

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