5 e-Commerce SEO Tips for Your Store

The world of online stores is really tending due to the impact of digital marketing at this age. The 5 e-Commerce SEO tips presented below can make a huge difference in sales and the way users approach you at your online store. As an e-commerce store owner, your goal is to make more sales.

Like you, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of people who hope to do the same to improve their business. From the retailer to the service providers as the e-commerce digital marketing agency, many entrepreneurs use the power of e-commerce stores with SEO optimization. Considering all the competition, the question comes: How can you distinguish your e-commerce website so you win it? What can you do to trust your business and give money?

e-Commerce SEO Tips

There are many ways to improve your e-commerce, but it’s impossible to cover everything in an email. What you will read below are the 5 most important SEO eCommerce tips that can actually lead to more sales and satisfied users.

Original content

Apart from trust, another important factor buying people from your e-commerce store is your content. If your content is original and unique, it will not only increase SEO and rankings, but will also persuade users to take the next step and continue.

By original content I mean unique and accurate production titles, product descriptions, useful and attractive high-quality images in different angles, short videos (if applicable) and anything else that can make your product offerings more professional.

Mobile Friendly eCommerce Store

Recently, Shopify has announced that 50.3% of all e-commerce comes from the phone, which gives a good indication of the importance of mobile stores for e-commerce stores.

Although you do not expect to sell directly from your phone due to the nature of your products or services, you still need a proper and professional mobile presence.

People use their phones to search on the go and can continue their search on their tables or desks. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you lose customers to competitors who have mobile websites.

Depending on how your e-commerce store is developed, you have a number of options to go mobile, but most important is to ensure that the user experience on the phone is optimized.

Be present on social media

Social media play an important role in promoting your online business. In fact, there are many ways you can use social media to help you grow your online store. But social media does not do it alone; You need content marketing, social media and SEO to work completely.

How does social media and content marketing affect the search engines exactly? First, social sharing is a way to increase your position on search engines. By getting many readers to share your encouraging content, Google will benefit your site and move you higher in the rankings.

Clear policies and general issues

Before you buy, users can see your return policy, privacy policy, freight policy, so make sure your policies are not just easy to find, but also clear and easy to understand.

In addition to the policy, you also need a FAQ page to answer questions that clients have about the buying process and your business in general. Try to think about what kind of questions clients can ask and also use data you have from emails and other support cases.

Don’t forget about the “Call to Action” button

The last e-commerce tip is not to forget the “call to action” buttons. When people search your e-commerce store, make sure the “ADD TO CARD” or “BUY NOW” button is prominent, easy to see.

Let your buttons look like buttons and use colors that separate them from the rest of the content. Look at eBay and notice how the ‘Buy It Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons are in a prominent position next to the goods.


There are many e-commerce tips that can help you increase sales, but in my opinion, the 5 types described above should be for a decent online presence. The success of e-commerce depends on trust, product quality and customer service, and that should be your biggest concern.

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