5 Failsafe Ways To Look Slimmer

Need ways to make yourself look slimmer? It’s a fact that a lot of people feel insecure about their weight, and many feel self-conscious about how big and heavy they believe they look. One of the best countermeasures about such turmoil is to work out or follow a strict diet plan, right? 

Yes, it can show you great results afterward. But so that you know, there are a couple of simple wardrobe tweaks that you can do to make yourself look skinnier. These no-diet shape fixers offer details that’ll help you look like you’ve lost some pounds off. Some few tricks to make you look taller and hide your blemishes. 

Like it or not, selecting clothing prudently and putting several wardrobe tweaks into practice can have a massive impact on the way you feel and look. For a little help, listed below are some useful info.

Look Slimmer

Here are 5 Fashion Tips and Tricks that can make you look slimmer and thinner: 

1. Wear Accessories

You can incorporate accessories to your style give the illusion that you’re thin. Some watches from Tudor and other brands have thinner straps which can make a person look slimmer. There’s a misconception about people not wearing fitting clothing or even jewelry because it highlights their weight. 

That’s an opposite thought as the focus and attention draw more on the accessory rather than the person wearing it. This fact is the main reason why wearing baggy clothing or thick jewelry can make people appear bigger than usual.

2. Wear Black

There’s a very good logic why the black shade is a key formula to look thinner. Plus, it’s perhaps the generally known wardrobe recommendation out there. Well, it’s certainly and undoubtedly true. Wearing something black is a popular trick for almost anyone to manage and it certainly works. Unlike any other colors or shades, black doesn’t reflect light. With that said, it doesn’t create any shadows around your curves or bulges of your body. 

For this reason, black does a pretty good job of concealing any imperfections while making you look well put together and chic. If you plan on wearing all black, meaning from head to toe, you can create a look that’s sexy and slimmed down because your ensemble forms one vertical line, which is why the Little Black Dress is the most versatile and flattering item a woman can have. 

3. Wear Good-quality Undergarments

For someone to look slim, he or she needs to build good support with undergarments. Strictly speaking, wear undergarments or underwear that fits. This statement is particularly important when choosing a bra.

For women, a well-fitting bra aids you in outlining your silhouette while keeping your chest enclosed. If you happen to wear an ill-fitting bra, it can form cutting lines that thrust into your skin and make your chest show on top. 

Steer clear from undergarments that provide no good foundation or support, especially thongs and bikini bottoms. On the other hand, try considering body-slimming undergarments. It’ll help you have a shapely figure and keep your excess heft restrained. Other than that, try wearing nylon stockings with control-top hosiery. It works well in keeping your midsection or tummy flat, specifically when wearing skirts and dresses. 

4. Wear The Right Pair of Shoes

The right pair of shoes can certainly make any ensemble or outfit pop and can do all the wonders for your body. A well-known trick that most women use to look slimmer and taller is by wearing heels.

However, know that the kind of heels you select can highly impact your overall outfit. With that said, it’s best to avoid plump, open toe heels, or those with a strap because these styles can make your calves look huge. Go for pointed heels as it can make your ankles appear thinner and can lengthen your legs.

5. Go Vertical

Our eyes instinctively follow lines, whether they’re horizontal or vertical over your body. But keep in mind that horizontal lines can make anyone look big. On the other hand, vertical stripes can make you look tall and give prominence to the best parts of your body. 

Take advantage of this visual trick by wearing pants or tops that have vertical stripes. But there’s no need to wear something that’s full-on vertical lines. Look for appealing vertically-striped clothing that can stand out on its own. 

Go for simplicity and effortlessness. Garments with vertical lines drive more attention to your face. Also, vertically-striped trousers have made a comeback in the fashion scene.  


Some ways can make you look slimmer without following a strict diet plan or hitting the gym. You can make yourself look slimmer by making a couple of wardrobe tweaks. 

These simple adjustments include getting good-quality undergarments, wearing something black, opting for dark-washed denim, going vertical, and getting the right pair of shoes. Also, be sure that all these wardrobe tweaks fit you well. 

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