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5 Funny Clips to improve your short work week


It’s a short work week in South Africa thanks to Wednesday being a public holiday (Human Rights Day). I’m one of the lucky folks who are going to Mieliepop Festival this week (in Mpumalanga), but I’m pretty sure many of you reading this are not going, so I’ve decided to cheer you up!

Here are 5 Funny Clips to improve your short work week

US President Donald Trump spent 100 days at his golf courses and the some of the folks in the media are calling it a “milestone”. Political Comedian Lewis Black doesn’t agree with this though. He voiced his opinion on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. This had me in stitches and I think it will have the same effect on you.

Charlize Theron was one called out for speaking Afrikaans behind someone’s back because she and her mom thought that no one would understand them in New York City. She made this revelation on the James Corden show about a week ago.

Jimmy Kimmel Live had their 4th music edition of Mean Tweets last week. This clip features Alice Cooper, The Lumineers, Blink 182, Steve Aoki, TLC, Fallout Boy, Ludacris, Adam Levine, Depeche Mode and others.

Ozzyman Reviews posted a video featuring a Cowardly Penguin. Take note that this clip is hilarious and that it does contain strong language (like most of his reviews).

A while ago the REACT channel posted a video featuring kids reacting to Led Zeppelin. This YouTube channel posts a lot of videos featuring reactions from parents, kids, teens, etc. This should cheer you up.

Well, there you have it, 5 Funny Clips to improve your work week. I hope that I’ve turned your frown upside down.

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