5 Kick-ass songs that were released in February 2020

February 2020 saw the release of some really amazing music. Today I’m featuring 5 albums and 5 kick-ass songs that were released this month.

5 Notable albums that were released in February 2020:

  • SepulturaQuadra (released on 7 February)
  • Green DayFather of All Motherfuckers (released on 7 February)
  • Tame ImpalaThe Slow Rush (released on 14 February)
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man (released on 21 February)
  • Retro DizzyAutomatic Expectation (released on 27 February)

5 Kick-ass songs that were released in February 2020

Biffy Clyro – “Instant History”

Yes folks, the Scottish rockers have released a brand new single. “Instant History” embraces a more pop feel while maintaining their rock roots. It’s the first single off their upcoming 8th studio album.

Biffy Clyro - February 2020

According to Simon Neil (the lead vocalist of Biffy Clyro):

“‘Instant History’ is the biggest, most slammest pop moment we’ve ever worked on. And thematically it’s a good pointer for what the album is about: learning from mistakes and realizing how you can move things forward. Things can be similar although they’ll never be the same, but let’s not be scared of that.”

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely curious to hear the rest of the album. “Instant History” is a bit poppy, but I don’t think that Biffy Clyro have lost their way…

Blue October – “Oh My My”

Did you know that this Texas based rock band is still making music? Well, they’ve actually been busier bees than you think.

Blue October have actually been around since 1995 and after the success of “Hate Me” (which was released in 2006), they’ve actually released another 5 Studio albums between 2009 and 2018. Their 2018 album, I Hope Your Happy is actually pretty legit.

Blue October - February 2020

“Oh My My” is actually the first track of their upcoming 10th studio album release (This Is What I Live For). No release date has been announced yet, but it will probably be sometime in 2020.

Retro Dizzy – “Self Preservation”

Yes! These Cape Town Psychedelic Rockers are back with a brand new album (Automatic Expectation). It’s their first album release since 2017’s Just Relax.

Retro Dizzy - February 2020

“Self Preservation” is one of the tracks on their new album. I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but this is a pretty cool track. I’m looking forward to watching Retro Dizzy if they decide to pull into Pretoria or Johannesburg the near future. Let’s hope that it’s happening before the end of 2020.

The Strokes – “Bad Decision”

This is the first track off their upcoming album, The New Abnormal. The track’s instrumentation is an exciting mixture of thumping drums and feverish indie rock guitars. This shows that they are here for a good time and a long time.

The Strokes - February 2020

“Bad Decision” sounds oddly familiar because The Strokes interpolated Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” on the song as well. There’s nothing wrong with that in my books. The New Abnormal will be released on the 10th of April 2020.

Green Day – “Sugar Youth”

Their new album, Father of All Motherfuckers is a fast-and-loose party record that shirks much of the traditional Green Day framework for a sound that merges speedy punk with ‘50s and ‘60s pop, Motown and glam-rock.

Green Day - February 2020

“Sugar Youth” is a speedy punk number that sounds like textbook Green Day. This track is proof that punk rock is definitely not dead in 2020.

Well, there you have it, my list of recommended albums and songs for February 2020. If you think that there’s a song missing on this list, feel free to leave a comment below.

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