5 Powerful Instagram Tips That Will Work for Your Business

Want to grow your business? This article provides some powerful Instagram Tips that will help you to grow it.

It’s a fact that Instagram is powerful platform for your business. If you are a small or a large business owner, there are effective marketing strategies that help you to increase traffic and sales for your business.

Instagram for Business

It is prudent for business owners to have an Instagram marketing strategy in place that helps you to develop and grow your business. With an effective marketing strategy in place, you are able to reach out to the targeted audience with success.

Most businessmen are not aware of how to utilize Instagram pro-actively. The following tips for Instagram will help new users understand how to effectively use the platform and get a competitive edge in the market with success-

1. Use free Instagram tools

Like the Facebook business page, the Instagram page for business is more or less similar. This means you are able to take full advantage of features like call to action, contact, email, call, text, and more. With the contact feature, you as a business will be able to evaluate the performance and the success of your posts with the help of analytics. On Instagram, they are referred to as Insights, and they give users access to engagement data and impression.

If you have a business and are not using Instagram for its promotion and marketing, you should consider viewing Eric Dalius switching your personal profile into a business profile. When you do this, you can optimize Instagram to the effective needs of your business with success. You are in a better position to understand how users are interacting with your business, and you can easily make changes and adjustments as per their needs and requirements.

2. Cross promote your Instagram posts

If you really wish to add new Instagram followers that already love your brand, you should start to cross-promote all of your Instagram posts.

As a business, you will have a presence across all social media profiles, and it is smarter to share Instagram posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You should invite people to follow and like your brand. You can invite your followers to like your brand, and you can give those that are already following you on other social media platforms the chance to like and connect with your brand.

However, do not make the assumption that everyone will follow your brand on social media. Several people often move away from specific social media platforms and are not active on some of them like other networks. As a business owner, it is obvious that you want your followers to be connected to you on as many social media platforms as possible.

3. Never overwhelm the audience

One of the most important Instagram for business tips is never overwhelming the targeted audience. It is prudent for you to post regularly so that your brand is relevant, but at the same time, you should not post too regularly so that your followers are overwhelmed.

If you post content too much, your followers will end up leaving your business profile as they will treat your content as spam. When it comes to the posting schedule, you will find there is no secret to successful posting schedules. You need to test the audience and try to see when they are mostly online. Experts state that if your targeted audience is online, this is the best time for you to post visual content on Instagram. If you are just beginning to use Instagram, start by posting twice daily.

You can also post content at different times of the day in order to determine when the highest levels of customer engagement take place. After this, you can start to experiment with posts focusing on the levels of engagement you receive during the different times of the day. Once you have discovered the best time for you to post, you will more or less get an idea on what works for you. With the passage of time, you will find that the number of followers increases, and you need to adjust as per the performance of your posts.

4. Interact with your followers to generate growth

If a follower takes the time out to leave a comment on your posts, make sure you thank him or her in return. This simple gesture of yours will invoke loyal customers, and they will become the ambassadors of your brand. You should also find ways and means to get your followers to interact with your posts.

Even if you post a caption- tag four of your best buddies- this will be enough to trigger engagement and promote your Instagram post. In this way, you can place your brand in front of a larger targeted audience and attract new followers to it as well. Since your business is introduced to Instagram through a friend; there is lesser resistance. The tagged users in the post start getting notifications about your post as well.

5. Create interactive hashtags

When you create an interactive hashtag, you effectively are able to create engagement instantly. It is prudent for you to use hashtags in the right way. There is a simple strategy that you can use.

You can create a hashtag for customers to use when they tag photos of themselves with the product they have purchased. For instance, you can create a hashtag that your company can repost like pictures of customers with the product. This will result in more of your followers to use hashtags post visual content of them along with your product because they are keen to be featured on your page.

Each time, someone uses a hashtag that has been created by you, they are exposing their profile followers to your products and company. This becomes free advertising for your organization. It adds a lot of value to your business.

Last but not least, when you wish to connect with your audience, ensure you are creative with your Instagram posts. This will go the extra mile in ensuring that you get more traffic and better revenue for your business irrespective of its nature and size.

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