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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Ubuntu to Version 19.04 Disco Bingo


Ubuntu keeps on updating its system every now and then with an intention of increasing user satisfaction. Every new release of a version is accompanied by wonderful features that people cannot miss to talk about. As a tech lover, you may be wondering what is in store with the Disco Bingo.

It’s just like the other systems except for the fact that it comes with improved security features and a sleeker performance to enable carry out your duties perfectly and efficiently. Below are some of the benefits of the latest version.

Ubuntu Disco Dingo
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1. It Comes with Less Consistent Apps

If you are used to the previous versions, you will find the disco bingo totally different. It comes with a perfect set of apps that makes it have a completely new look. Most apps have differentiated Ubuntu background themes and some have square themes while others have rectangular.

You can easily differentiate between installed and native apps inside your computer. The new visual update has completely given Ubuntu a new spectacular look that makes it look more organized and professional. You can install your best Android apps and recognize them from far because of the background themes accorded to them.

2. It has Fractional HiDPI scaling

Display is always important to users so it is important to ensure you have a perfect display quality. For this reason, Ubuntu has been giving people the options of 100% and 200% which means people used to view either too small or too large fonts and features.

With the new wayland that comes pre-installed in Ubuntu, you can choose 175% display which is medium and you will be able to see properly. Still you have the 100% and 200% percent. Just head to settings, display and you will be able to adjust to your requirements.

3. It has New Desktop Icon Notifications

Ubuntu has been to use the GNOME desktop area but makes very little changes. There is the left side dock, that only used to work when one entered the activity overview. To support desktop icons and make them to be of use to many to people, the new complete developed Nautilus is now available.

It’s a separate code enabling users to change icon sizes independently. The new disco bingo version comes with one problem though, you cannot drag files to another location on your desktop. This means you either send or copy and paste to your location.

4. It has Modified App Menus

Ubuntu wanted to make itself so different and for this reason, even the apps were affected. if you right click an app on Ubuntu, it will bring to you all available options. Third party parts that don’t comply with the new system come with only one option when you right click and that is ‘quit’. More important is that even if the app is not compatible with GNOME’s special menu, you will still see the windows accorded. This is the best way to make sure you utilize your apps.

5. This version has General Performance Improvement

Ubuntu has undergone complex and perfect engineering to make sure people are always happy with the results. We now have GNOME Shell and Mutter improvement that enables users not to delay on using the computers.

The speed is top and the experience is also wonderful at all times so you can always enjoy the best outcomes. Windows respond quickly, no hanging or loading waiting times since all features are up to date and wonderful at all times.

Update your Ubuntu to enjoy the best performance. Many people who use Ubuntu for businesses like Tissot PRS 516 can really enjoy the new features.

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