5 Significant Copywriting Tips for Google

Looking for some useful copywriting tips for Google? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered today. If you still remember the times when sites were filled with canvases from texts stuffed with key queries and intended for search robots, then it’s time to forget about it.

Google has evolved, Content has become King, and SEO, no, is not dead, contrary to popular belief. Moreover, search engines do not stop increasing their demands on the quality of content and mechanisms for delivering the most relevant results.

Copywriting Tips

Therefore, in order for your material to hit the target, both from Google’s point of view and from the point of view of the expectations of your target audience, let’s analyze a few things.

Here are the 5 most important copywriting tips in 2020:

1. Provide Value

Yes, you know about that. However, the understanding of value for the user also becomes more complex – as well as the algorithms that we mentioned above. Today, value is not only the semantic, informational and practical content of a page. It is also the ability to fall into the expectations of users and give them answers to those questions that they really ask.

Provide Value - Copywriting

That is, the need to analyze problems, requests and pain points of users becomes even more significant. For example, if a user writes the query “healthy food”, then before creating content using this word, you need to understand his intentions. What does the user want to say? Is he looking for a way to cook healthy food? Or does he want to order ready-made meals? Or just get a list of the most useful products? Or cook something healthy for a child?

At that moment when you find the right question out of all possible and give the right answer to it, your content will get a chance to get into the top of search results.

2. Focus on LSI Keywords As Well

Previously, the content was created using keywords only. Today, search algorithms have gone further and they want to have more opportunities in order to evaluate the content of your material. LSI words are just those tools that send Google additional signals about what you want to say and what questions to answer.

If we return to our example, then for the request “healthy food”, LSI words are recipes, unhealthy food, essay, presentation. And you guessed it, they are at the bottom of the page – just write the desired phrase in the search bar and scroll through the page to the end.

3. Write More But Don’t Forget the First Tip

Research suggests that long-read articles are better for SEO. And not only because they can contain more keywords – in this case, quality is also more important than quantity. Volumetric material works better because it speaks of a more detailed study of the topic, processing a large amount of other material, as well as a large volume gives you the opportunity to use more relevant statistics, visual information, and video clips.

The most correct article length is from 1000 to 2500 words. This is what works best for SEO, plus it makes it possible to get good behavioral factors – due to the longer time spent on your page. Plus, the better the topic of the article is worked out, the more chances there are to get organic backlinks, comments, questions, likes and sharings from users.

Therefore, the length of the article should always mean appropriate quality – watery materials will never go up in search results. If you doubt your abilities, it always makes sense to ask for help – Pick The Writer  review website has gathered the best freelance writers who may provide you with good content for an affordable price.

However, this limit is not a panacea for all problems. Sometimes it makes sense to create a short note with a volume of 500 words, but to raise a controversial and hot topic to provoke discussions and greater involvement.

4. Get to a Featured Snipped

This is the main goal of most site owners. Getting into this snippet means a huge influx of traffic. However, before your article falls into the snippet, you must first get into the first position of the organic issue, and this can take a lot of time, even with the ideal quality of the material. And if you managed to do this, then featured snipped should become the next main goal.

All you need to do is to understand what key queries lead you to the top, find the opportunity to formulate a question based on these words, and include a short answer in your article.

5. Come up with an Effective Headline, Meta Title, and Description

This is a requirement of Google (and users) that has not changed for many years in a row. The headline of your article forms the first impression and immediately makes it clear to the user whether his intention matches the information written on your page.

SEO - Copywriting Tips

Therefore, it is very important to come up with such headlines that will hit the target the first time and encourage users to click on them. The best approach is to immediately address the user’s problem and show that you know the answer to his question. For example, “How to Cook Healthy Food on a Budget” or “Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Every Day / Whole Family / Protein Addicts”.

In the latter case, we also use numbers (it is proved that headlines with numbers cause 36% more interest on the part of users), and we also immediately turn to a specific target audience – that is, we increase the chances that our article will be shown to users who are really interested.

As for the title and description, the requirements here have also remained unchanged – you need to use keywords, plus fit into the framework by the number of characters – up to 70 characters with spaces for the title, and up to 200 characters for the description.


As you can see, not everything is so complicated with SEO copywriting in 2020. The most important thing is to never let the user out of focus. It is forgiving to use a small number of keywords, but if you make them topic-specific and audience-specific, there are better chances to get in the top of the search results. However, it is not excusable to forget about the value of content for the user – rewrite no longer works. Each time you create a new article, you need a fresh and professional look.


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