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5 Social Media Highlights of 2012


Welcome to a trip down memory lane. Here are 5 Social Media Highlights of 2012. You might recall some of these.

1. Gangnam Style: The Viral Video that has just crossed over 1 Billion Views on YouTube. Featuring the Rapper Psy and a host of crazy dancers it has seen Psy travel worldwide. He has become an international star. It has also sparked off thousands of copycat viral videos. Gangnam Style is proof that social media is truly amazing.

2. Felix Baumgartner / Red Bull / Space Jump: Felix changed the playing field when he decided to do the highest jump in world history. Some people wonder if this was a wonderful marketing campaign by Red Bull or a world record. One thing is for sure, Felix also changed the way people watch events. A record number of people watched this on YouTube instead of on Television.

3. Most Powerful Tweet of 2012: President Barack Obama Tweeted this pic shortly before his election victory speech. It racked up an astonishing 810 000 retweets and 300 000 Favourites at the time. Who says Social Media is a fad?

4. Twitter Blanket Drive: The amazing charity drive that is run using Twitter in South Africa and now even in Zimbabwe. Started by @MelanieMinnaar it features corporates, shops, coffee shops, Tweeps and more. All helping out to arrange blankets and so much more for the poor and charities countrywide. This year it was boosted by #FollowSA and next year who knows how big it will become. It made the number two trend in South Africa on the main day of the drive.

5. End of the World: Yes the End of the World came and went. Looks like the Mayan’s were wrong. Perhaps people read their calendar wrong. It all added up to tremendous amounts of traffic. Social Media was flooded with people tweeting about the End of the World and the Mayans. This blog post on Mashable shows you some of the funniest tweets that were sent out just before the End.

Here’s to more Social Media Highlights next year! Happy Holidays Everyone and have a wonderful 2013. You can follow on me on Twitter via @fredfelton.

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