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5 stories that will get you amped for Oppikoppi 2015


3 years ago I walked down Memory Lane and wrote a piece called 5 stories from Oppikoppi Festivals of Yesteryear and because this year’s festival is less than 10 days away, I decided that it was time for a follow up.

So, without further ado, here are 5 stories that will get you amped for Oppikoppi 2015:

Blind Men can turn water into wine (Easter 2007): In April 2007 I made my way to Oppikoppi More Than Somewhat. This was my second Easter festival and I have to admit that it was definitely one of my favorites.

On Day 2 I was nursing a mean hangover (thanks to an abundance of shots at the Top Bar the night before). 2 of my friends and I took a roadtrip to stock on ice for the campsite and returned to find everyone in my campsite having a huge piss-up. We decided to join in and we may or may not have finished a litre of Jagermeister in the process.

By 5 PM I was pretty tired and plastered so I decided to go for a snooze and asked my friends to wake me up before they decide to make their way to the stages. I dozed off in my tent and woke up at midnight, in the mood to party, pissed off with myself for missing ALL of the bands and sad that I missed the rain.

My friends were all wasted and on their way to pass out, so I decided to go looking for 2 of my other friends (who were camping with Bacchus Nel for the weekend). It didn’t take long to find them, but they were highly pissed off: Their tent flap was open during the rainstorm and EVERYTHING got wet.

I had a brew or two with them and then my friend Fritz walked into the campsite, missioning around and looking for something, but he could not find it. Blind Afrikaans musician Bacchus Nel was sitting with us and just chilling.

Fritz kept on looking around up to the point where my friend Derrick asked him, “Fritz, wat de moer soek jy?”. Fritz stopped in his tracks and turned towards Bacchus saying “Bacchus, het jy nie daai kannetjie water gesien wat hier gestaan het nie?” and without thinking Bacchus responded with “Ag Fritz, jy weet mos ek het al lankal daai kannetje water in wyn verander”.

“I’ll trade you my sunglasses for my cell phone battery” (2006): In August 2006 I made my way to Oppikoppi Rock, Paper, Scissors and camped with a bunch of randoms (mostly because I only managed to find a lift to the farm at the last minute).

My lift borrowed me a pair of Adidas shades (which I got to keep after the festival) and the weekend turned out to be an awesome one full of Jagermeister shots, great music (not that I can actually remember EXACTLY who played that year), but things went sour on the last night. I managed to lose my Samsung E330’s battery somewhere in the stage area and I wandered around for at least 2 hours trying to find it. I gave up and partied it up into the early hours of the morning at the top bar and I think I crawled into my tent around 3 AM. I woke up at 9 AM and looked for that damn cellphone battery again, but gave up after an hour.

Eventually I was chilling with my camp mates before we started packing up, still moped up about it, but then one guy in dire need of shades made me a proposition: “I’ll give you my cellphone battery if you give me your shades”. He had lost his sunglasses and he could not find them anywhere. Let’s just say I didn’t take him up on the offer, one can’t survive without shades on the last day of Oppikoppi, everyone knows that.

The 7 AM One Vienna Braai (2004): It was day 2 of Oppikoppi 10. I woke up around 7 AM and found that my campsite was deserted – no one I knew was in sight. So I decided to go for a walk to see who was. I ended up at my friend Charlie’s campsite just down the road from me and there was loud music playing (Beeskraal if I can recall correctly).

He was sitting there alone, Black Label in hand and asking me to braai with him, so I did. I asked him what he wanted to braai and he pointed to a lonely vienna on the grill (which had maybe a double matchbox sized lump of coals below it). Needless to say, we braaied that vienna the best we could, sipping Black Label and tuning people walking past us for their morning shower / dump. We had to turn the tunes down at some point though cause some people clearly did not appreciate really loud Brasse van die Kaap at 7:30 AM…

The Dopey Mascot (2012). Julian McMurray told me this story on Facebook. “At Oppikoppi 2012 me and some friends went into the bush to take a leak late at night and we ended up down in Freedom Avenue (where there was no one yet because we went a day early). Among the grass we saw a weird shaped rock which later on turned out to be a tortoise that some animal or human ate, but only the shell was left. So, we made it our mascot and named him “Dopey” and tied a rope around it which was connected to my jeans, so it was dragging along with us the whole time. People would freak out when they saw it, some even wanted to beat me until they saw its an empty shell. Most people welcomed our friend and kept yelling things like “Fuck that tortoise is fast” at it.”

The Long Fall (2014). Ed England told me this story on Facebook. “This actually happened last year, my dear friend Roeann had a little too much to drink. He “danced” on the Windhoek deck overlooking the Electro stage and “accidentally” fell from the top. He landed like a boss (in the dust missing every single rock around it) and lost everything on the way to the bottom. It included a R1000, wallet, phone and his ID. It was a great sight to behold.”

Well, there you have it, 5 stories to get your amped for Oppikoppi 2015. If you want more info about this year’s festival, check out my post featuring the Full Oppikoppi 2015 line-up and performance times and my recommendations.

Tickets for this year’s festival are available @ R750 on the Oppikoppi Facebook Page or via Plankton.Mobi. Buy yours now!

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