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5 Tips to Advance Your Music Business Career


Need to advance your music business career? The tips in today’s article should help you to do just that.

Every single person on this planet is talented at something or the other, and it is likely that around a fourth of the world’s population has a musical talent.

This abundance of talent makes it difficult to make it big in the music industry because so many people attempt to make a career for themselves using their gifts. Each musician needs to have a unique selling point, much like any startup company. They’re not that much different from each other, are they?

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However, the factor that differentiates a regular startup and a struggling artist is the practice. Since artists run the risk of getting rusty if they don’t keep up their work on a regular basis, daily practice is important.

In that vein, here are a few general tips that will help you survive in the cutthroat environment that the music industry can be.

1. Write music that defines you as a person

Music is just one medium out of several that human beings use to express themselves. This should ring true in your music as well. This doesn’t only mean using experiences from your life to write song lyrics. The genre you pick, the tunes you set to your lyrics and the style of your singing are also descriptive of your personality. So, make sure that whatever happens, you stay unique, and true to yourself.

2. Know who you’re writing and performing your music for

Writing good music is important, but knowing the demographics of your audience is important too. Think about the kind of music you’re writing, and the kind of people that usually listen to them.

Is your audience comprised of young or old? Where are they from or where do they live? What artists are they currently listening to? What platforms do they use to listen to their music and where do they go to buy music? What kind of music do they want to hear more of?

These questions are important for an aspiring artist. Your music may be good, but what’s the point if EDM lovers end up listening to country or classical? You need to make sure your music is reaching the right people. This brings me to point number three.

3. Form reliable connections

Like I said above, it is important to make sure that your music is reaching the right people. Once you do your market research, forming the right connections and utilizing them will go a long way in advancing your career. This doesn’t just refer to promoters or producers.

I’m also talking about building up a network of different kinds of people in the industry, including fellow artists. Having a network of professionals can act as a sounding board for your music, and can be a source of good advice. So, get out there and talk to people, and always keep your purpose in mind. Aimless floating towards different people will not work.

4. Practice, practice, practice

No amount of emphasis on this point can possibly describe how important it is. As an artist, your art has to be constantly evolving, and you should be striving for perfection. Whether you use your vocal chords, instruments or machines, practice is important.

Music requires a tremendous amount of discipline and dedication. Keeping up a daily routine with a good amount of practice incorporated into it will keep your art afloat. If you’re a beginner, check out these karaoke songs to help get your vocals in line.

5. Stay positive

If there is one universal truth about life, it would be that nothing comes easy. Obviously, this is true for a musical career as well. You see those cool DJs, they also have struggled a lot for success. No one just put DJ speakers and become successful DJs. There will be annoyances.

There will be frustrations. There will be desperation. But through all this, it is important to keep a cool head, and forge on ahead in spite of how hopeless things may seem. The music industry is an unforgiving place, and complaining will not be tolerated. To avoid getting burned out, take a day or night off once in a while, and if it works for you, meditate often.

These are only a few general tips to advance your music business career that can give you a fighting chance to pursue it full time. You will have to learn more as you navigate through the world of music. Hope these help you!

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