5 Ways That I Unlock The Power of The Internet

I hate to admit it, but in this day and age, the Internet is one of my best friends.  I Unlock the Power of the Internet on daily basis. In fact I’ve been unlocking the power of the internet since 1998 (AKA “The Good Old Days of Dial-up”).

Vodacom have asked me to write a blog post about How I Unlock the Power of the Internet, and I thought that I’d give it a shot.

Unlock the Power of the Internet

The Internet has grown since its early days

When I first encountered it back in the late 1990s it was nothing like it is today. There were limited browser choices and virtually no adverts, images or videos online. Back then saving info on stiffy disks used to be in style and connection speeds were also slower than Father’s Day in Mexico.

And I don’t even want to go into the ridiculously high phone bills that I used to pay for using dial-up in this country. If I recall correctly my highest dial-up bill was something like R2,000+. I’m speaking under correction, but I’m probably responsible for at least 0.3% of Telkom’s revenue between 1998 and 2002.


That all changed in 2003 when I activated my first broadband connection. This had a huge impact on the way I viewed the internet. For the first time I was able to experience the way it should be experience by everyone. It just made unlocking the power of the internet easier.

Thanks to even better connectivity today, I Unlock the Power of the Internet in these 5 ways daily:

I blog daily

Since 2008 Running Wolf’s Rant has been in existence. I started this blog because one of my online friends (whom I haven’t met till this day) told me to start one because, according to her “I had way too much to tell the world”. Since then it has developed into a daily activity for me. It’s also opened a lot of doors professionally.

To give you an idea: One of my daily tasks at my current job is to write blog posts. A few years ago my daily job consisted of call answering and e-mail answering at the same company. My blog has also become an excellent platform to promote events and give feedback of ones I’ve been to (like Oppikoppi, RAMFest, etc).

I tweet like a race horse on steroids

I discovered the power of Twitter back in 2009 when I started doing work with social media. I quickly discovered that Twitter is more powerful than most people think. I started tweeting intensely throughout 2010 and the rest is kinda history. I Unlock The Power of the Internet with Twitter Daily by interacting with my readers / followers and networking with fellow bloggers, musicians and other media folk out there. To give you an idea, I’ve met over 100 people via Twitter in the last 2 years, just one of the reasons why I consider Twitter an ultimate way to Unlock the Power of the Internet.

I use Facebook like a heroin addict

I honestly can’t remember what I did online before I discovered Facebook in 2007. And I’ll admit, I have been addicted to it ever since. I Unlock the Power of the Internet daily by sharing blog posts that I wrote, interesting links, funny pictures, commenting on statuses and managing Facebook pages for various brands. I also interact with friends and family and sometimes I even conduct business via Facebook. Facebook has also empowered me to get more exposure for my photography. Like many folks out there, it has become part of my daily routine, no question about that. If you’re not on Facebook nowadays, I seriously don’t know how you Unlock The Power of the Internet.

I stream YouTube videos more than average Joe out there

YouTube has changed the way I see the world. If you told someone that you would be able to watch videos online and there would almost be no need for a television, they’d probably laugh at you. Nowadays you can find anything on YouTube: Music Videos for your favorite song, How To videos for almost anything that you can think of, ridiculously funny clips of people doing stupid things, movie trailers for upcoming films, etc. The list of what you can find on YouTube is really endless if you ask me. YouTube is just another way I Unlock The Power of the Internet.

I read a lot of News sites and blogs Online

The Internet is my main source of information. I read a lot of blogs online, some of my favorites are Memeburn, Bangers and Nash, Texx and The City, Gevaaalik.com, Watkykjy and Imod (to name just a few). If I wanna find out whats hot in the Social Media Sphere I check out Mashable. I also read a lot of Music websites like NME and Rolling Stone. And I spent quite some time reading the latest news on News 24, IOL, Times LIVE and Eyewitness News. I Unlock the Power of the Internet by staying informed. Staying informed is very important if you ask me.

There you have it, the 5 ways that I Unlock the Power of the Internet Daily. I hope this has provided you with insight about me.

Want to Unlock the Power of the Internet as well? Well, you have a chance to win one of 2 Vodacom 5 Gb Data packages with Running Wolf’s Rant.

All you have to do to enter is to comment on this post and let me know how you Unlock the Internet daily and Retweet this post on Twitter and mention the #unlockthenet hashtag in the tweet. Easy enough if you ask me. The competition closes on Monday (the 3rd of September 2012) at 12 Noon

Watch this space for regular updates in the Technology category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Henno Kruger

Blogger, Desktop Activist, Twitter / Facebook Addict, Music Festival Addict, Avid lover of South African music, Founder and owner of Running Wolf's Rant

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  1. Morgan

    Internet is my life. I cannot live without an internet for a day at all. Internet makes my life easier all the time and everyday because I can get all the information I need any time and everywhere when I log onto the internet.

  2. fabienne

    Wow very true I wouldn’t be so socially addicted its like a rebirth!

  3. winnie ruto

    I also have my ways of unlocking my internet daily. Well, I mostly use my cash to buy bundles and it doesn’t last for long because of being an addict. I love vodacom coz its internet is fast and reliable.
    Here are my 5 ways of unlocking my internet :
    1. Research (for my school work) I find it easy to go on internet for my school work than the library…;)
    2.Am a facebookholic! I can’t go a day without checking my profile.
    3. I love fashion blogs! Its my routine to check the blogs daily and pick what to wear the next day 😉 (am just a girl) 🙂
    4. Downloading! Now this is my favourite… Am a music and series freak! And downloading them, are the majors that burn my bundles out!
    5. Last but not least, shopping online. I prefer buying stuff online, and there are a whole lot of sites that got fashion sense! I love log in to them just to get something to buy!

  4. Ernest sithole

    If there was any way i cant fall asleep, I was going to be on the net 24/7, I’m addicted 2 the net. I spend lyk 100MB in 2 days, 5GB can really be a dream coming true

  5. Wessel Bosman

    The Internet is my livelihood, without it I’m screwed.

    After finishing High School I had the opportunity to fix someones website for R50, I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but I figured it out and it all started from there. From there I became a web application developer, learned from the best web designer in the world, it wasn’t enough to know how to make websites pretty, so I took a dive into the propellerhead back-end development and thanks to these circumstances I have enough of both worlds to get by.

    The biggest impact the web has had on my life beside that was from Opera Mini, being able to browse the internet anywhere has added to my annoyingly hardcore “know everything” personality.

    I wikipedia everything, no jokes. One of the reasons I’m so good at 30 SECONDS is because whenever I take a crap I read some random wikipedia article, this information piles up (excuse the pun). There definitely isn’t a metal band out there I know absolutely nothing about, I can start a conversation with everybody.

    Recently I jumped into the Online Learning foray, taking courses by COURSERA and Open Courseware. Being able to get MIT level education without paying a cent is priceless, this is the future for humanity and in my opinion a great landmark for the internet. Imagine the possibilities.

    That is all, I’m gonna go to the toilet and learn about the Apple vs Samsung Case, maybe tomorrow learn some US patent Law and go troll Apple fanboys when I get home. WHy? cos the internet, that is why…

  6. sharna york

    i find that south africa is soooooooooooooooooo totally behind in the social media aspects of internet – was in the uk earlier this year and coming back here was like traveling in a time capsule about 100 years and vodacom no one can help you there…………but i still try my best on facebook google and one other email address that i have, trying to do anything else is hopeless, so good to hear that their are people that can manage their lives at a level of accepted speed – i guess i just cannot afford the extra gadgets or always increasing updated versions of everything

  7. sanele

    For me its social networks, emails, research on Google and downloads

  8. Andre Boshoff

    This is so interesting!! Internet is my best friend for everything I found all.

  9. Shaydi

    I do the occasional tweet on Twitter but I enjoy Facebook most as that’s the place I get to see what my friends and family are up to. The younger members of the family mostly use MXit. I also play love playing RPGs like Shinobi-Shadows.com not only for the game itself but also the community. It’s nice to interact with people across the world as if they’re right here, sitting across me.
    That’s how I unlock the power of the internet.

  10. Obed Moleele

    Broadband has allowed me to Unlock the Power of the Internet in my daily life. I tweet, faceebook, blog, surf, shop, play, work, and learn all on the internet! The invention of the internet has certainly made life easier, fun and faster!

  11. Mpilo Nkuna

    ive always been a fan of the internet.i got hooked-up when i discovered that i can dail-up using ma phone back in primary school(2008).Ever sinse my airtime was dedicated to internet and at that time i didnt know about data bundles ,i used to spend about 200 a month.When i discovered data bundles in highschool and i thought things would be cheaper but right now i spend over R500 on the internet.R600 is about my monthly pocket money but the internet is worth it.If i get 5 gig i would do a lot of research and found out more about web technology and development then make probable SA’s best website.Write now programming and web development is my focus .

  12. Lungelwa Mtitshane

    5 ways that I unlock the power of the net.
    -I met a person whom I loved dearly over the net, then it was still wap. And we used to communicate via mxit. Our relationship was so tight and we got to know each other very well by just chatting and visiting each other often.
    – 2 years after dating the guy whom I loved dearly, we had to part because I had to move to a different city to for college to persue my dreams, and we had the long distance relationship and chatting daily kept the bond. So our communmication was based on social networks facebook, but mostly mxit.
    – Months after I was at school not having been able to see my dearest boyfriend, I felt like we were just loosing touch, and I had to find out what was causing that space between us. Im not proud of this, but I’m glad I did it beacause right now I’d be stuck with uncurable diseases. I hacked his facebook account only to discover that he had been sleeping with almost every girl in his school and promising them heaven and earth. the worse part was that he would sleep with them without using protection.
    – I confronted him and he denied, then with the help of internet I showed him proof of what I was accusing him of. We tried fixing things but it didnt work so we broke up.
    – I then changed my relationship status on facebook to single, that was when my best friend who is now my husband and father of my 2 beautiful baby boys asked me on a date. I agreed because I wanted to date again and forget about what had happened. But he only wanted to be friends with me and be with me while I heal from all the wounds. It was only after I nearly lost my life after an accident that he realised that you can lose people in an instant and he proposed to me in hospital. was the best day of my life. I got married in crutches, and he felt that was cute :-). love him to bits
    Those are the 5 Ways That I Unlocked The Power of The Internet

  13. Marco Muller

    Got problems down under??? Ask Google the G ynie
    Scared of your future??? Ask Google the O racle
    Forever alone??? Ask Google the O nline Dating Adviser
    Wanna learn the Poker Face? Ask Google the G ambler
    Organizing a Jailbreak??? Ask Google the L ocksmith
    Where is all my money!!?? Ask Google the E conomist

    nough’ said

    1. Marco Muller

      Well…this is embarrassing…What I actually tried to achieve:

      G ynie
      O racle
      O nline Dating Adviser
      G ambler
      L ocksmith
      E conomist

  14. Mpilo Nkuna

    ive always been a fan of the internet.i got hooked-up when i discovered that i can dail-up using ma phone back in primary school(2008).Ever sinse my airtime was dedicated to internet and at that time i didnt know about data bundles ,i used to spend about 200 a month.When i discovered data bundles in highschool and i thought things would be cheaper but right now i spend over R500 on the internet.R600 is about my monthly pocket money but the internet is worth it.If i get 5 gig i would do a lot of research and found out more about web technology and development then make probable SA’s best website.Write now programming and web development is my focus .i would watch videos on youtube to learn more on programming and would open a blog to help other prommers solve problems and codes.i want to be a super programer and i think this is my chance.

  15. Siya Mava

    mmmmhhhh intresting topic!
    Well, here is how I unlock the power of the internet:

    1 I connect with friends and family on Facebook everyday
    2 Make use of EMAIL to send CVs and to connect with people
    3 Do research for my school assignment
    4 I save a few bucks by doing most of my shopping online
    5 Last but not list, the internet gave me an oportunity to create a blog so I can share my knowledge, help and give tips to my fellow South Africans in regards with their cellular network SP (Vodacom included).

    I really cannot imagine life without the internet! This 5GB would come in very handy.

  16. BaasDeBeer

    I don’t unlock the internet.
    The internet unlocks me.

    It unlocks doors to social events, it unlocks libraries of knowledge and insight. It unlocks border gates with friends on the other side of the world being in my living room.
    The internet unlocked my future, my financial well-being and my world-view.

  17. Lesetja Mokoele

    I’d unlock the Net by launching a camp on social network.

  18. victoria

    I first discovered the internet in 2007, I was in grade 10 then and all I used it for was downloading new versions of mxit hahaha.. Now I am studying towards a law degree online and all correspondences are done online.. I have tutorials online, I submit assignments online.. Its pretty cool.. That’s how I have unlocked the power of the internet, I have unlocked a whole new world.. I will use the data to continue working towards my degree and doing research for my assignments..

  19. Sharlene

    I am mom to a little boy with a rare brain condition so i do alot of fundraising designing and researching… Without internet i would be completely lost especially without my facebook proud addict

  20. Bhekinkosi Mathabathe

    I started unlocking the power of the internet way back in 1998. I cannot believe how the internet has changed since then. Back then the internet was like the online Encyclopedia where you could research information, albeit limited. I used to download documents (in HTML), mostly without images and graphics and images. You also had to have a modem and a router with a lot of wires connecting.

    I remember when you dialled up you had that screeching noise before you could be connected. Nowadays you can connect wirelessly via WiFi, GPRS, 3G, EDGE and so many other connections.

    Nowadays I unlock the power of the internet in so countless ways:

    1. Social media – I’m addicted to Facebook and Tweeter that there is not a single day that I do not log in. I’ve met many friends and joined interest groups on Facebook and Tweeter and the information I’ve gained there is enormous, from sport to almost everything is there.

    2. News – I am now able to read all the news on the go. Although I’m subscribed to some daily and weekend newspapers, I hardly read them now because I read the news online from News24, Times Live, The Star, Sunday Times, etc.

    3. E-mail – I received and send e-mails (in my smartphone) without even having my computer with me. It saves me time and costs, although I still need my laptop to download documents and upload attachments for sending with my e-mails.

    4. Research – I google on the Web to research information and look up words on the many websites and online dictionaries and thesaurus.

    5. Blogging – I post blogs to sites like WordPress and Opera Mini Community to share information with people and interest groups.

    The internet has really made life easy for me, wherever I am. I cannot imagine how my life would be like for me without access to the internet.

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