5 ways to drink less without missing out

Saying no to a drink isn’t easy, especially when you’re used to booze being the fuel for your party. Fortunately, once one is comfortable in their own skin, it is much easier to enjoy a night out without any alcohol. Say goodbye to hangovers and never be forced to turn down a party invite by learning to drink less.

Here are five ways to drink less without missing out

1. Stick to High-Quality Alcohol Only

Spend more money on better quality alcohol and you’ll be wonderfully rewarded. Not only are the flavors and aromas richer and more complex, but you also have a healthier, clearer buzz. Drinking good quality alcohol also leaves you with fewer after effects. Control the quantity that you’re drinking and you may even be able to get away with a full night’s fun without any trace of a hangover.

Whiskey Glass

It is far better for you to drink fine Dalmore Scotch Whiskey rather than something cheap. The price tag may even sway you towards having one or two drinks a week only or saving a slight binge for one day of the weekend alone. It all depends on your approach but no matter how you see it good quality alcohol is great for cutting down and splashing out.

2. Measure Your Drinks

The best way to keep your drinking under control is to keep track of how much you are drinking. Determine your healthy limit beforehand and pace yourself. If you’re really unsure, carry a shot glass or a jigger around. Pour your own drinks instead of allowing others to serve you and don’t allow yourself to go overboard, even if it’s your favorite Weller Bourbon.

Measure Your Drinks

The same goes for drinks like wine. Make sure that you know the maximum size of your wine glass and figure out what the least is that you plan to drink. If you’re given a larger glass then simply equate the quantity and don’t drink more than you’ve planned. Wine is also something that tastes better with smaller pores. When you leave space in the glass there is room for the aromas to fully develop and express themselves.

3. Try Alcohol-Free Drinks & Cocktails

There are some nights when the last thing that you want to be left doing is drinking cola or coffee while your other half or friends’ parties. Explore alcohol-free drinks and cocktails to discover fantastic alternatives that often taste better than booze. Non-alcohol aperitifs each carry a unique taste which is perfectly suited to parties and special occasions.

Castle Free Beer

Alcohol-free champagne and beer are also ideal for drinking something different which still puts one in a festive mood. Energy drinks are not always the healthiest but they can be used to whip up some rather interesting drinks. Trying mixing energy drinks with flavored water, fruit juice & ice for a light but a refreshing alternative to alcohol. There are lots of interesting drinks like this that you can try. Just prepare ahead and you’ll have a whole night of discovering new flavors to look forward to.

4. Find a Wine Preserver

A single bottle of wine is far too much booze for a nightcap. Opening a bottle far too often leads to the excuse of not being able to close it properly. Drinking the entire bottle is normally a bad idea, especially when this urge hits mid-week. Find yourself a good wine preserver which recorks the bottle.

Wine Preserver

In this way, you’ll be able to put your extra-expensive good bottle of wine away and enjoy some personalized chocolates, rich cheese & imported crackers, or any sweet treat or savory snack you prefer. When you put your booze budget towards food & snacks instead, you’ll be quite surprised by the range that you can pick up for a movie or games night at home instead.

5. Eat Beforehand & Stay Hydrated

Having a full stomach of suitable food ensures that the alcohol that you’re drinking takes longer to metabolize. This means that you’ll stay sober and in complete control of how much you’re drinking for longer. One also often confuses the sensation of hunger mistaking it for an urge to drink more. Many people make the mistake of going for something oily in an attempt to give their stomach a lining.

Opt for something whole grain and healthy like quinoa Tesco, it is a great microwave meal made from wholegrain rice with haricot beans & quinoa. You can eat it hot or cold and the fiber guarantees that there is substance in your stomach for the alcohol to bind to and metabolize at an even rate. While not the easiest thing to do, try squeezing in a glass of water in-between every few drinks.

The hydration will help you sustain for longer letting you prolong the period of time at the party without getting bored with your non-alcoholic drinks.

Keeping to Your Choice

Ultimately, drinking less is nothing more than a matter of willpower. There are tons of creative alternatives and lots of ways to distract yourself from silly, irresponsible urges. Who knows, you may even choose to forgo booze completely once you feel the fullness of healthy, high-energy living. No matter how you decide to drink, always make the decision based on how you feel. Find solutions that suit your habits and your weaknesses. For instance, buy steroids in Canada. Support is always there to help you take control and make the most of any situation.

Drinking sustainably can be just as fun as a binge but a binge ill-effects can even be curbed. Stay aware of what you want and do what it takes to drink less.

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