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6 Reasons Why Durban is NOT a Boring City


My good pal Henno Kruger asked me to write a post all about Durban and why it is not a boring city. He said I must give 6 reasons. Why only 6? I mean everyone knows Durban is the greatest place  on the planet. Well okay then, here are 6 reasons why Durban is NOT a boring city. Hopefully it will inspire you to head on over to Durban. Just be warned Durban has a way of making you feel at home. Pretty soon before you know it, you will be moving here like everyone else.

Reason One – Mondays At St Clements: From humble beginnings this little show has turned in to a huge event at St Clements coffee shop. Started by Director Pieter Scholtz with The Breakfast Club you can find many actors, writers and artists at these events. Every Monday night they have anything from music to poetry to theatre to lively debates, movies and even discussions on the latest artworks. Add to that good coffee, tasty wine and delicious food. You can find out more about them on Facebook.

Reason Two – Durban Beachfront:  Pretty hard to compete with this one. From one side of Durban to the other you get the most amazing beaches with warm water. Wonderful surf for all the surfers out there. If you like cycling the new promenade is perfect. If you like skating there is a great skate park on the beachfront just for you. You can also have a great jog or even a great walk. Choice is yours.

Reason Three – The Moses Mabhida Stadium: You will have seen this stadium during the World Cup. This you have to see up close. You can marvel at the architecture. Try out the gym. Have a drink at one of the watering holes. If you like a bit of adventure you can try climb the arch or take the skycar or if you really are hardcore you can try the adventure jump. Follow them on Twitter via @MMStadium.

Reason Four – Umhlanga:  There is so much to do here. From the huge Shopping Centre Gateway, through to Umhlanga New Town Centre, Umhlanga Rocks, the wonderful coffee shops of Chartwell Drive and of course the brand new promenade on Umhlanga Rocks Beach. Make sure you stop by in the late afternoon. Take in the sunset near the lighthouse and enjoy that breathtaking view.

Reason Five – The Immedia Open Night: Now here is a little secret spot. Set in the new office estate of Ridgeside near Umhlanga Rocks. Immedia is a app dev company that hosts a tech event once a month at their brand new offices. Join them as they are trying to build something new in Durban. #SiliconBeach You can track the events on their hashtag #OpenNight as they showcase the latest in tech, software, gadgets, designs and so much more. Did I mention that they provide drinks and loads of pizza all on the house. So if you know what a scrum master is then this place is for you. At these events you will find techheads, bloggers, dev types, coders and so many more interesting people. Ask them about their next event on Twitter via @immediaza.

Reason Six – The Sharks:  One thing you have to do in Durban is go to a Sharks game. This is the stuff of legends. You will find people inviting you to a braai before, during and after the match. The match is something to experience and afterwards there are some great places to quench your thirst. Find out more about The Sharks on Twitter via @TheSharksZA.

There you go 6 Reasons Why Durban is NOT a boring city. If you have more idea’s please let us know and tweet me your idea’s at @fredfelton.

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