7 Easy Steps to Finding New Customers and Clients

 When you open a new venture, start a new project finding new customers and clients could be tiresome and frustrating at first. The same case scenario is for developed businesses too.

Here are 7 easy steps to finding new customers and clients:

Social Media

People are addicted to social media, so make use of their addiction and market your product on social media as Snupit did. You will find most of your customers and clients here because people use the platform from the moment they wake up till they are asleep.

Free Sample

People usually don’t try new things, they stick to what they are used to. If you want to get customers, you have to take a sour bite and give free samples to your target audience. If your product or service is good, people will spend their resources on it in the future.

Extra Incentive

If a similar product or service exists in the market and is well established, chances are you will have a difficult time shifting their customers and clients towards you. You should start by giving something extra with your product or service, it could be a gift or something else you might give. 

Good Customer Service

People are attracted to those who are nice to them thus you should establish your image by providing them optimal customer service. If they feel relaxed and are having a good time when they are talking to your employees, chances are they will become your loyal customers. 

Finding New Customers and Clients


To get early customers, you must spread the word. Ask your family and friends to tell the world about your product. Call and email everyone in your network and inform them about your new venture, and ask them to tell other people about your product.

Distributing Flyers

Promote your business on the way by distributing flyers to everyone you see on metros, buses, bus stops, and other places. Chances are most people who are given these flyers will read them, they might then be inclined to use your product or service.

Approach the market

Go door to door and call different people to convince them on buying your product. If they can find some benefits for themselves in what you provide, they will not turn you down. Act like a proper salesman and you are halfway there.

Google Advertisement

You have tried social media so why not give google a shot? Google has one the best audience targeting system that can help you reach a potential buyer for your product or service.

Don’t limit your self to what you have read above! Follow as many ways as you can and make lots of new clients and customers for your business venture. Getting customers and clients is the initial step for a successful business, the long road ahead is full of uncertainty and can be troublesome and frustrating. May luck be with you and your business thrives.

I trust that you find these steps to finding new customers useful. If you did, please spread the word. Share this article on your Social Media profiles.

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