7 Instagram Trends Businesses Should Follow in 2019

Today were exploring Instagram Trends that business should follow. We trust that you find this info useful.

Social media is evolving continuously. Each year brings algorithm updates and emerging trends that change how we interact online. It is not just social media; the world of CFD stocks is expanding too. If you are leveraging on Instagram, you must question yourself on how to get the most out of your campaigns?

It is time you come out of those GIFs and vintage filters and do something for increasing your ROI. After all, Instagram has 1 billion users and you should not miss them.

Check out these seven Instagram trends to follow in 2019:

Trend 1: Instagram Story Ads

Did you know that 400 million people watch story ads on Instagram each day? More and more businesses are using Instagram for advertising because the cost of Facebook advertising is increasing. With the kind of response brands are getting, it is going to be the biggest trend in 2019.

It’s easy to use Instagram story ads. Make sure your Instagram account is connected to Facebook ads manager. Use Facebook’s ads manager for creating a new campaign and display it in the stories. Personalize the content by adding eye-catching graphics.


Trend 2: Make the Most out of IGTV

Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018. It’s a video platform designed for mobile users. This feature lets marketers connect with the mobile audience via vertical videos. Although Instagram already had the video content creation option, IGTV gives the opportunity to expand these videos. You can create 60 minutes videos too and they will not disappear.

The demographics data shows that 59 percent of the IG users fall between the ages of 18 and 29.  The younger audience loves watching vlogs and other video content on their phones. You would not want to miss out on the opportunity of targeting this audience.

Trend 3: Used Customized Nametags

Nametag is the newest feature on Instagram. A great thing about it is that you do not have to spell out your handle. You can use your nametag to make them land straight on your profile.

Brands have started to get creative with these nametags. They are not just personalizing them with brand colors but selfies and emoji’s, too. You can customize them as per a holiday or event. This is a faster way of gaining followers since it catches user attention immediately.

Trend 4: Take Advantage of Nano Influencers

No doubt, influencer marketing is becoming mainstream. Many brands are already using it to reach out to their audience. Nielsen report says 92 percent of customers trust recommendations from real people. If you use trustworthy people, this could prove to be a fruitful way of marketing your brand.

You do not have to hire a celebrity to influence your audience. A Nano influencer would do wonders for you. These are the individuals with a fan following of appropriately 5000 people. However, they have a niche following which is why they could be perfect for your campaign. Their following may be small but their community is more engaging that than of a celebrity.

Before working with an influencer, take time to do some research about them. Having large followers is great but do they get engagement on their posts? Have they done any campaigns previously? If so, what were the results? Are they even authentic? Getting answers to these questions is important as the success of your campaign depends on it.

Trend 5: Story Highlights

We all know Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. No worries, you can use Stories Highlights along with it. This feature lets you save the best stories. In fact, you can keep them as long as you want. What’s the benefit of this feature you ask? Well, whenever a visitor lands on your Instagram profile, they will be able to see those stories highlights on the top of your profile.

You can leverage this trend in a number of ways. Make sure you include stories that promote your brand, specific event/product and those that explain your brand. You can also save the best performing stories so that whenever a new user views them, he takes action.

Trend 6: Use the Shopping and Product Tagging Feature

Instagram is going to introduce shopping features in 2019. That means Instagram will soon be used as an e-commerce channel.

The shopping feature in stories, when rolled out, helped advertisers place a shopping bag icon on the product/service they were promoting. That means if a user likes what he sees, he can click on the bag icon and land on that product on its website. Like mentioned earlier, as 400 million users are using Instagram stories on a daily basis, this feature could help drive sales big time.

Trend 7: Instagram Destinations

You must have noticed that Instagram-friendly venues are popping up lately. Cafés have started to feature painted walls for photo hungry visitors. Some visitors are also willing to pay a fee to take Insta-photos with vibrant décor and backdrop.

If you have an offline store, you can set up a place where people come and snap Insta-friendly photos. Encourage them to share those pictures on social media. You can then share or re-post the uploads of your followers or even include them in your Instagram stories.

Final Thoughts

No doubt 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Instagram. You will have to keep a close eye on the new and existing trends just as it is done in the case of online trading. If you do not leverage on them, you are missing opportunities to reach out to your audience.

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