7 Steps To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Struggling to get out of your comfort zone? This article provides you with 7 steps to achieve this goal.

It’s a fact that human beings are strange. When we get into a routine or lifestyle that satisfies our needs up to a reasonable level, without causing too much exhaustion, and making us feel that we’ve got all we want, we tend to fall into the trap of a ‘comfort zone’.

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

While this kind of a grateful mindset can be spiritually uplifting for the soul, it keeps us from looking for or accepting opportunities that are meant to bring about further personal growth. There is a certain type of mental laziness that comfort zones instill within us, beautifully wrapped in the excuse that we already have whatever we can ask for or possibly achieve in life.

People with strong ambitions, big dreams and high potential to excel also often tend to fall into this trap at some point in their lives. It is good to be, at the least, aware of such aspects that hinder our personal and professional development. Let’s see how we can put in an effort to come out of our comfort zone.

Step 1: Visualize Challenges As Opportunities For Growth

The first thing to do is to change your mindset. Many people lose out on great opportunities that could have ended up as a breakthrough for their career or personal life, just because they feel uncomfortable with the small changes they would need to make to their routine if they undertook them.

Sometimes a door may open for you without you having to knock at it, or without you even noticing that it’s been there the whole time. If you are able to put your fears aside, you’ll begin to see the value for yourself in such incidences.

If something feels challenging, see it as your chance to grow rather than questioning your capabilities to be able to do it or not. Give it a try, do your best, and leave the rest on fate.

This applies to student life as well. Students are often presented with many extra opportunities for growth. If I were a student and my teacher gave me an assignment out of the syllabus, I would rather just do my assignment and let the teacher review it, instead of complaining that I strictly want to follow the syllabus alone.

Step 2: Set Measurable Goals With Reasonable Timeframes

Set realistic goals with specific timeframes and struggle to achieve them. Having goals in your mind makes you realize that you have not yet achieved all that you need in life, and still have reasons to strive to go higher and higher. Your goals can be either personal or professional, or even both.

As a Business Development Manager of a firm, for instance, you might want to increase your focus towards bringing in new business or persuading new clients to buy from the firm. Set up your goals yourself, e.g. to land 5 new contracts in six weeks time, even if you are not given a strict target or deadline to achieve by your employer. Who knows, this could turn into a fantastic promotional opportunity for you that you never knew could come across so soon in your career!

In a different scenario, if you are offering dissertation service (UK) like me, you could target to complete 7 dissertations over the next 2 months, and market your services accordingly in order to close 7 such deals. This was an example of an achievable goal, as there is indeed a lot of demand for UK writings for students nowadays.

Step 3: Modify Your Routine By Adding Small Productive Activities

Changing your daily schedules and habits all of a sudden might be practically impossible for most people. But if you observe that you are getting too comfortable with activities that do not really matter actually, and you are just indulged in them due to the ongoing routine, you might want to think again.

Activities that are not contributing much towards productivity or fulfilled need to be slowly eradicated and replaced with better deeds. For instance, if you’ve been spending too much time playing app games or video games when you’re at home, while your child seems to want more of your attention and time, try to start taking out small slots in your day when you can play with your child.

More so, the task of setting up your goals and preparing the timeline to achieve each goal is an activity in and of itself. As a medical student, for instance, you can make better use of all the facilities at your disposal by spending extra time in the laboratory, doing more research, and even using lab report writing help service if need. Small changes, if made persistently and with sincere effort, can result in shaking up your comfort zone in a positive way.

Step 4: Expand Your Social Network To Meet New Kinds Of People

The people we hang around with often influence our personalities and lifestyles. If you socialize with only one kind or group of people all the time, your mind gets restricted to thinking inside the box of that social circle alone. The education tips given in Grademiners reviews and Edubirdie reviews also promote the same concept.

Sometimes to be able to open up to new prospects for growth, it is crucial to interact with new people and spend time in larger and different social circles. In today’s day and age, this could also mean expanding your contacts in social media. But if you really want to get the benefit of your interaction with others, you need to go and see people in person to get to know them and exchange ideas with them.

Step 5: Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

In your journey towards growth and sliding out of your comfort zone, you might face criticism in the form of sensitive remarks and hurtful comments from others that can be quite demotivating.

It is good to allow yourself to be vulnerable, so that you don’t shatter at the smallest gesture from another person who may be, intentionally or unintentionally, trying to put you down in your positive endeavors.

Even family members are likely to pass ridiculous comments at times, but we should keep going by remembering that they are just trying to have some fun with you.

Step 6: Celebrate Every Small Progress You Make

Rewarding yourself with small gifts or celebrating the milestones of your success with your loved ones can go a great way in keeping yourself motivated.

After all, you are trying to come out of a situation you are very comfortable with. You definitely need to give yourself that extra push every time you achieve your goal.

Celebrate Every Small Progress

Step 7: Share Your Experience With Others

By sharing your experience with others, you can encourage others to follow your path as well. Just like people are resistant to change their routines in their beginning, they would also be hesitant to appreciate the effort you have been making to do so in your life.

Once they see you happy and sharing your happiness with them, they could become more receptive towards your ideology of striving for personal growth.

Taking these steps will allow you to slowly come out of your comfort zone, even though you may feel that you don’t need to do so, and let you have a more lively perspective and purpose of life.

Did I leave something out that could help you to get out of your comfort zone? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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