8 Types of Speakers To Use In Your Home

The right speakers can go a long way. Raise your hands if you amongst those that do not like the beauty and beats of music to surround your dorm room, you household or your home theatre? Well a quite less number as expected right. So today this blog will be just about those gadgets you guessed it right? Speakers!

These cool portable machines which rose into their fame since the dawn of electronics media. When soon almost around every town and every street you would find the pop buys riding their skateboards and moving their butts to the beats of their music on these bad ass machines.


While they come in different shapes and sizes thanks to the rapid advancement in technology during this decade. Their basic purpose and functionality have been more or less the same. This has been and will be the promise of the sound engineers behind the speakers, to deliver the most valuable and clear powerful sound possible under the price.

In a nutshell some of the main categories of common types of speakers you can buy out there are as follows; Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers. Amongst these then there are sub categories for the Wi-Fi speakers, Bluetooth speakers and so on and so forth which we’ll also take a look into this blog as well. Now without further ado, lets dive into the main topic of different types of speakers available for you to make the most off.

1. Loud Speakers

Loudspeakers are amongst the most commonly used house hold speakers without any doubt. With that, they are readily available with tons of specifications as per the demand. The most seen speakers in the market which all of you may have seen in movies and at parties. These are those scary big black gothic looking giants with big bass holes in between to produce the gigantic and strong sound they produce. Ideal for your big weddings, parties and even a decent get together these gigantic beasts never disappoint and are fairly easy to use and have functionality with most devices.

These speakers are ideal for performing on stage, karaoke sessions, singing competition almost anything related to sound and music these are your companion to get your audiences the sound they deserve. You may try top models from Bose or a collectible pair such as Dynaco A25.

2. Subwoofers

Subwoofers while a bit smaller in their size, it produces sound at lower frequencies than the normal speaker. Movie lovers and frequent cinema goers can appreciate this fact more clearly, they are however a valuable addition and a must have for your indoor home theaters. Due to their low frequency sound (in the range of 20 to 200hz) it doesn’t make a difference you place them since your ear will feel those hums rather than hear them. They even come pre-installed in most home speakers and even in the audio systems of your car.

3. Ceiling Speakers

These types of speakers are usually installed at or in ceilings as the name it self suggests. They can be difficult to install at first but once they are installed then they deliver well. These speakers provide a great ambience around your home when you’re walking around or in the kitchen making your yummy dishes, having the feel of soft classical or jazz music around you is something amazing right? Plus, these speakers are also useful when you can’t compromise on the space you have on the floor. However, ceiling speakers which are of the top quality are often not budget friendly and can be a problem to install if you’re not technical.

4. Floor Speakers

These speakers as obvious with the name are suited for floor purposes and are commonly used with home theatre systems and gaming devices. These speakers may require larger space though than the on top speakers or the built-in wall or ceiling speakers, but that hasn’t stopped the sound fanatics from using these speakers. More on, a great thing which these speakers provide is they go really well with your furniture. Hence, you won’t be having any worries on your mind to move around your furniture to adjust these speakers. With that also make sure that you don’t change the location of the floor speakers too much as the sound may cancel each other and you may not get the desired sound.

5. Shelf Speakers

These speakers are ideal to be placed at smaller locations around your house or room. They could be placed at book shelfs, inside open cupboards, or TV cabinet etc. Since they require lesser space and are easy to carry around so there’s no worry of them weighing too much if you constantly need to move around your speaker to where you go. Lastly, to improve the sound quality you can always attach a sub-woofer speaker with these shelf speakers.

6. Speakers for Outdoor

Outdoor speakers are the ideal speakers for outside parties around your garden or patio. More on, these speakers are increasingly portable and robust in their application. Since they will be placed outdoor most times so the manufactures have taken care that these speakers withstand the sufficient temperature and humidity conditions without compromising on their sound quality. These speakers are easily available and are easy to handle and use. Plus, some of the outdoor speakers also have some protection bars around them to keep insects and rodents out.

7. Portable Bluetooth or Wi-fi Speakers

These speakers are what you can say for the generation these days. Available in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, these speakers are easy to carry around anywhere you go. They can be stored in your bags, backpacks your suitcase and sometimes even in your pockets. So, these magical portable speakers work like magic and are your perfect travel partner no matter where you go. These beauties will never leave your ear’s un attended.

8. Voice Control / Smart Speakers

Living in an era of digitalization where self driven cars and voice automated robots are now a thing. How can we forget voice activated speakers amongst this? These speakers have been a revolution in the sound industry and are of course worth the price tag. Voice control speakers are able to receive your voice commands and then perform that given action respectively. A great example could be of “Alexa”, where you give her the command of playing this song from this band or musician and she’ll search it and in not time play it for you. Miraculous isn’t it?

These speakers have now rapidly become the next big thing in sound industry and amongst most elite occasions or parties, it would be almost impossible that you won’t find a couple of these lying around. Yes, we mean lying around! More on these speakers can now even be programmed to not only play you music, but also receive instructions such as turn off the light, open the lights please and so on and so forth. They could even remind you of the household chores which you needed to do today and even remember what day and time it is if they’re programmed such. You get the idea how incredible they are right?


So, as you probably saw in our article music and sound industry is not something to be taken as a joke with and so is our blog for different types of speakers you could buy out there. Remember these and go over them again if you must to get the best possible idea of speakers for you out there.

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