A quick chat with BraaiBoy about beer

In case you did not know, BraaiBoy will be at Capital Craft Beer Festival this coming weekend and besides braai-ing and selling his usual tasty goodies, he’ll also be selling his beer to punters.

I had a chat to the man that has been braai-ing every single day for years about the festival and few other things. This is what he had to say:

Where does your beer’s name come from?

BB: Well… hopefully from the people reading this… I.e. I’m actually looking for a name. Visit http://BraaiBoy.co.za/Beer for details on how to win a keg and some other BraaiBoy merch if you come up with the best name.

What do you like the most about beer?

A beer is always wet.


What is your favourite quote about beer?

This one is from my mate @DaveStarley on Twitter:

“You can beer without braai, but you can’t braai without beer.”

What is your favorite drinking song?

“Red Solo Cup”… actually it’s also my least favourite drinking song. Never heard of it? It’s an American thing… so find it on YouTube and we can both love / hate it together.

What can expect from you at Capital Craft 2018?

Well, I’m finishing off the hunt for a name for my beer, and to prove that it’s an easy-drinking lager that pairs well with almost anything… I’ll be offering beer / food combo deals. As always, there will be pork…. in pitas, as well smaller portions of peri-peri chicken drummettes and pork ribs if you’re just in a snacking mood.

Where can people find your beer after the festival?

For the first few months after the festival, it will be exclusive to Thirst at 28 Degrees in Pretoria East and the two Capital Craft shops in Menlo Park and Centurion.

If beer did not exist, what would you be drinking?

Even though beer does exist, and I love it and drink copious amount of it… I often switch over to my Gentleman Jack. So, if beer didn’t exist, I think my uncle Jack Daniel’s and I would be just fine.

I would like to thank BraaiBoy for this interview and I wish him all of the best with the Capital Craft Beer Festival this coming weekend. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them here.

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  1. BraaiBoy

    Every year the fest just gets bigger and better… no doubt we’re gonna have a huge jol again this year.

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