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A quick chat with Mainstream Brewery


The Big House Craft Beer Festival is happening in less than 2 weeks and excitement is mounting for this day of beer, fun and live music to celebrate the arrival of Spring in Gauteng.

This event will take place at the Smuts House in Irene and will feature brews from some of South Africa’s top microbreweries. One of the breweries that will be keeping the punters’ whistles wet are Mainstream Brewery. I had a quick chat with them ahead of next week Saturday’s event. This is what they had to say.

What makes your brews different from other breweries?

Our vision is to be a professional small brewery aiming to brew craft beer for the larger craft beer drinking public. Therefore we focus on producing high quality, filtered beers covering a broad spectrum of beer styles, professionally packaged in Bottles or Kegs.

Which brews can we expect to sample from you at the Big House Craft Beer Festival this year?

Mainstream African Vibe, Mainstream Altbier, Mainstream APA and Mainstream Funky Berry. See our website for further details about these beers.

It’s a well known fact that brewers love beer, so do you mind telling is just how much you love beer (preferably in more than 10 words)

We love beer more than we love our own mothers. In fact we love beer so much we started Mainstream Brewing Company so we can brew the styles we like and never run out.

What is your favorite quote about beer?

There are some many good ones we cannot only choose one, so here are some we like: “Beer is not the answer, beer is the question, Yes is the answer.”, “A great beer can be judged by just one sip, but its better to be completely sure…” and “Give a man a beer and he’ll waste an hour, teach a man to brew and he’ll waste a lifetime.”

How would you define an ultimate beer lover?

A true beer lover drinks whatever their friends are drinking, picks the beer with the funniest tap handle, wears their favorite brewery T-shirt, and can brew at home.

I’d like to thank Mainstream Breweries for taking their time to answer my questions. All this talk about beer is already making me thirsty for next weekend’s event and I’m definitely planning to sample plenty of their product event (and I hope you are too).

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