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A quick chat with Rambling Bones


In case you did not know, Rambling Bones will be playing at Park Acoustics (in Pretoria) this coming weekend. They are a 4 piece Soulful Trash & Misfit Folk band from Johannesburg that delivers soulful songs.

Rambling Bones play mostly originals but do spice up the mix with covers. Their favourite covers are the gospel classic ‘Amazing Grace’, Rancid’s ‘As Wicked’, The Misfits ‘Were Eagles Dare’ & Human Leagues ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby!’. They also do a mean cover of Violent Femmes’ ‘Country Death Song’.

According to their Facebook page they love walking the dog, calenders with pictures of cute kittens in space and wrestling hyenas for a laugh. They are also modern retro and the strange man next door, the afro swamp dog over-toning with hints of a naartjie waltz. I don’t about you guys, but I suddenly want to see what a naartjie waltz looks like…

I recently had a chat to Jay Bones from Rambling Bones. This is what he had to say:

Where does the name Rambling Bones come from?

It was originally a name for a solo act with the idea being that I would ramble around the country.

What is the funniest / most interesting thing that’s happened at one of your shows over the years?

Funny and interesting describe every show.

What are your thoughts about the current state of SA Music?

Always moving, always mutating.

What can music fans expect from your set at Park Acoustics?

The unexpected if you never seen us before, and some more of the expected if you have.

I’d like to thank Jay Bones and Rambling Bones for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavours.

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