Alastair Thomas and Cockles.: 10 facts you didn’t know

In case you forgot, Cockles. makes happy music for sad people. I recently had a chat to frontman Alastair Thomas and he gave me some inside info.

Here are 10 Facts you didn’t know about Alastair Thomas and Cockles.

1. Alastair grew up in Port Elizabeth. That’s why he’s so friendly (and also windy).

2. Alastair is originally a bassist, and only really knows how to play bass. That’s why all his guitar parts are so simple and why all the lead guitar bits are technically bass lines.

3. The Cockles. band is made up of members from Wrestlerish, Academie, Young Hands, Southern Gypsey Queen and The Tazers.

Alastair Thomas and Cockles

4. Alastair hates dancing. Mostly because he’s very bad at it. It’s evident in the “Narcissist” music video.

5. Alastair doesn’t like mushrooms unless they are magical.

6. Alastair got his first tattoo when he was 27 to impress his then girlfriend. Now he’s lost count of how many he has and he’s engaged to said girlfriend.

7. One of the first bands Alastair ever played in was a high school cover band with Bugsy from CrashCarBurn in 2001. The band played one show and it was bad.

8. Matthew Mole lived in the laundry room at Alastair’s house for 3 months when he first moved to Johannesburg.

9. Alastair co-owns a production company with a friend from high school.

10. The shittest person Alastair has ever met is Somizi.

I’d like to thank Alastair and Cockles. for this inside info. I wish him and Cockles. all of the best with their endeavours.

If you’re not familiar with Cockles., check out the music video for their song, “Small Talk” below. The music video was shot by Frank Du Toit.

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