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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – amo


amo is the 6th studio album of Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon. On this album they now really leave their metalcore roots behind.

Of course we still have the occasional screaming of front man Oliver Sykes but we also have modern commercial pop. We see the extension of the journey in the direction of more poppy sounds that was already taken on their previous album “That’s the Spirit”. Love it or hate it, it’s most certainly a brave move.

Bring Me The Horizon - amo
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The album starts with the electronic sounds of I apologise if you feel something. And yes, old fans of Bring Me The Horizon will frown by the almost trance sounds of the song. With MANTRA they will be a lot happier. The heavy sounds are well blended in a modern package. I see this one doing well.

On Nihilist Blues we hear the first guest, Grimes. And yup, the new direction of Bring Me The Horizon. If you’re into Tiesto, you will love it.

In the dark gives pop rock. Where is this album going? The song itself is crafted and balanced and could be found on any modern rock album. But I like it a lot.

Wonderful Life features Dani Filth (from Cradle of Filth) and it’s therefore no surprise that it’s arguably the heaviest song of the album. It still got quite some rap metal in it but man, it’s heavy with a wonderful brass section blowing the main line towards the end.

Ouch is the rightful title of the next song. Take EDM / Techno and speed it up a bit. Medicine is another pop rock song but has the older Bring Me The Horizon ‘wall of sound’ behind it. “You need a taste of your own medicine. Cuz I’m sick to death of swallowing”

Sugar honey ice & tea is riff oriented and a load heavier. The hook is poppy but it got the guitar going over the synth. And a guitar solo! (Or is it a synth after all?)

Why you kick me when I’m down sees Tiesto returning to the rave cavern. Although they make the bass synth roar at times. Fresh bruises got me asking “Hmmm I put some beats and loops down with my synth and you repeatedly mumble something over it, deal?”

Mother Tongue is a good song where we at least hear some guitar and even strings! Vocals are still pop rock in texture and lyrics.

Heavy metal got me asking “Oh was the title a hint?” Yes, heavy riffs but the guest rapper Rahzel brings together with omnipresent synth the other side.

The last song, I don’t know what to say opens with a nice theme on strings and they fill out the song throughout. And then Oliver’s voice comes in, the wall of sound. I think this song exemplifies the crossover of just about all genres Bring Me The Horizon has been trying out on this album.

Review Summary

All in all “amo” is going all over the show. There’s a lot of Linkin Park sounds on the album and apart from the complete Tiesto sounding songs I like it. Yes, personally I’d not have the keyboard player produce the next album, but I guess that’s the guitar player in me talking.

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