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Album Review: Judas Priest – Firepower


According to Rob Halford, vocalist of esteemed Heavy Metal band Judas Priest, after releasing Redeemer Of Souls in 2014 he wanted to release a ‘stand alone’ album.

Now, if you are not familiar with either Halford or Judas Priest please take these few minutes while reading through this review and listen the fuck up! I suggest listening to Firepower, their 18th studio album, loud as Hell, crank it up and violate your ear-pussies. If you want candle light and a smooth glass of Merlot go dust of one of your overrated KISS albums… This is beer, sweat and blood Metal baby!

As expected, Halford puts most vocalists to shame, souring out and above the limits of newcomers and vocal legends. With gut thrusting riffs and solos bleeding perfection driven by Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, dirty bass distorting through the fingers of Ian Hill, and Scott Travis drumming the rhythm of your heart into complete beautiful chaos. So just like many previous albums, Judas Priest perfected the art of creating a ‘beast mode fantasy warrior world’ and takes you exactly where Heavy Metal and Judas Priest is supposed too.

Now wallowing in Heavy Metal Heaven, Firepower also breaks the utter brain destruction and gives you a moment remembering to breathe about halfway through the 14 track album with a ballad like intro to the song Rising From Ruins.

Now as Halford stated he wanted to release a ‘stand alone’ album, I honestly think he failed enormously if you take his statement in direct context. This is a Heavy Metal masterpiece and I can’t help but think that the Metal and Judas Priest community are standing firm and tall behind Firepower. The standard is set high for new releases in 2018 from bands such as A Perfect Circle, Megadeth, Testament, Guns N’ Roses, Muse, etc.

Two music videos have already been released for the songs Spectre and Lightning Strike and you should check them out. What is to be expected? Well, never expect million dollar music videos from Judas Priest, both focus a lot on the fingers of the guitarists and bassist, one has some color too it, the other is black and white with a rattlesnake. And like only Judas Priest can, a lot of fucking leather… If you don’t believe me, check out the music video for Spectre below:

For newcomers I suggest listening to these couple of songs first, and when you are wet enough try the rest of the album:

  • Firepower
  • Necromancer
  • Never The Heroes
  • Traitors Gate
  • Lone Wolf

I think the title speaks for itself, “Firepower: A fuck load of Fire and a fuck load of Power…” In the words of Nick Menza: ‘Fuck me running!’

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