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Album Review: Peter Toussaint – One Day


The CD I’m about to review is my band mate, Peter Toussaint’s solo album “One  Day”.  Now this might sound like I’m a bit Bias as Peter is a friend and part of our band, The Barbosa Experience, however  – when we were given the opportunity to review each others CDs, at first we were like “No!” and then we thought “Oh well lets do it and be honest about it” No hard feelings as a review is just one person’s opinion. We don’t listen to the same music nor do we have the same influences.

I actually enjoyed this CD. I don’t listen often to instrumental music but I got “One Day” a while back and I was on the road to Nelspruit and I remember thinking this is great to drive. It’s chilled,.melodic and relaxing. That was my first impression of the CD. It also has a cool cover (which is a bonus).

In general I think the songs are good. Most of them are melodic and have decent arrangements. I tried listening to the CD from a listener’s point of view and not as a musician and forget about finer detail. If I do it this way without focusing, the CD is pretty cool. It took me on a journey, and actually made me visualize situations, which I think is a good thing for a instrumental CD.

There were a few songs that I didn’t relate to. One of them being “Mosquito” – I don’t like mosquitoes so maybe that is why. “Home” (the last track / hidden track on the album) to me is one of the weaker tracks in the album. Peter’s strong point is definitely the guitar, but at the same time I feel that it might have been the right track to finish the album with.

I think it’s a CD worth buying, for the road or on a Sunday chilling at home. The recording quality is really decent. The type of music is for a selected market as I feel the music is dated and here and there something is lacking in the arrangement side but that is me being a musician. But if you let go of that and enjoy the album for what it is, t’s a nice journey.

So overall, Well Done Peter Toussaint.

Feel free to read Peter’s review of my album at this link.


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