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Album Review: Riaan Nieuwenhuis – Reminiscence


Riaan Nieuwenhuis is not a newcomer on the South African Music scene. He is connected to many bands and projects such as Delta Blue, The Violent Free Peace and has released 3 solo albums before coming out with Reminiscence.

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On the instrumental album, Riaan Nieuwenhuis plays keyboards, guitar and drums. The album is divided into two sections with a nice bluesy encore. The first part shows Riaan’s jazz roots in a modern jacket. ‘Silk’ is full of trip hop beats, flutes and piano and will be welcomed on the dance floor.

‘Cruising’ becomes darker with heavy synth but still very danceable. ‘the Point’ starts with a lekker beat, echoing guitars and keys after which a clean guitar riff sets the tone. Aptly named ‘Summer Afternoon’ gives a low tuned acoustic guitar as main instrument where a harmonica comes shimmering in. ‘2-6’ is a slow, lazy blues that leads to the almost medieval starting ‘First Out’. The song continues with Spanish sounding themes on acoustic guitar and ends of jazzy.

‘Paracaida’ marks the start of the second and much heavier part of the album. Layered heavy guitar riffs with intricate melodies. I’m liking very much. ‘The Black One’ is the single of the album and could be an instrumental track from Tool. Industrial beats with heavy guitars and a bluesy solo. ‘Indurate’ immediately reminds me of a Joe Satriani track. Multi harmony guitars shred away! Bonus of the album is the tasteful ‘Namib Blue’. A piano bluesy piece with a good story.

I thoroughly enjoyed Riaan Nieuwenhuis’ Reminiscence, it’s a well balanced instrumental album that showcases Riaan’s versatility on the different instruments and genres and it offers the listener lots to discover.

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